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Tycho’s Colourful World of “Weather”

by John Anusie

Musician. Compsoser. Songwriter. Producer. Tycho has got an impressive CV. The American, whose birth name is Scott Hansen, but who is also known as ISO50, never fails to impress.

Tycho dropped “Weather,” his fifty studio album, to mostly approving nods from the listening public on July 12. That album spots 8 tracks in total, with the eponymous track “Weather” sitting at the 8th and final position.

Other tracks in the album include “Easy,” “Pink & Blue” (feat Saint Sinner), “Japan” (feat Saint Sinner), “Into the Woods,” “Skate” (feat Saint Sinner), “For How Long” (feat Saint Sinner) and “No Stress” (feat Saint Sinner).

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Saint Sinner apparently snapped most of the available spots on the album. But that’s by the way. He had a splendid outing, if you please.

Weather,” with its poetic synths and percussions, is somewhat enlivening, a track with a message that speaks to you and your spirit, a track that glitters and, although occupying the 8th position in the album, might pass as one of the most engaging in the album itself.

You wouldn’t love to be under the weather, I reckon. But you surely wouldn’t mind being under “Weather.” So go ahead and enjoy an immersive listening experience. There’s not a second to be left to boredom.

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By the way, with “Weather” the album out, Tycho is prepping for hist tour in late 2019 to promote the album. It is said the tour will extend into the New Year – 2020.

Stream “Tycho – Weather” and drop your thoughts about the song, in the comment section below.

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