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Xavier Wulf – Kid Cudi (Remix) Feat. Playboi Carti & Young Nudy

by James Ogunjimi

Memphis rapper,  has joined  and  to make a remix of the duo’s viral “Kid Cudi” song and this remix is fire.

is not a stranger to making hit songs or to the industry or even to collaborations. He has managed to drop a number of songs that went viral along with collabs that made a lot of sense with some of the big names around.

The rapper who used to roll with the Raider Clan music group has released “Thunder Man”, “Request Refused”, “Chaos Castle”, “Polish & Shine” and more in the past and has blessed with some fresh songs recently.

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The original “Kid Cudi” song had  and  on it and it quickly went viral and pulled a large following, especially after it became the soundtrack for the Brooklyn Nets‘ victory dance and this remix will bring up memories.

For fans who fell in love with the original song, a remix that has  on it definitely improves on the song rather than diminish it as he pulled his weight on this.

While we are still waiting for another top song from him this year after “LifeAsAMelody” was released earlier, last year had him drop “Hear Yee”, “Session Cypher”, “Eastside Sliding”, “The Hollow Squad” and more and we expect even more going forward.

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is no stranger to these streets either. Formerly signed to Awful Records, the rapper who now rolls with A$AP Mob‘s AWGE pulled his weight on this too and together with  gave this top song a top remix that will give the original song a run for its money.

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