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Nicki Minaj Comes Through With Remix of DaBaby’s “Suge”

by James Ogunjimi

Nicki Minaj is working on a new project after “Megatron” but she has been coy about the details and is choosing not to go public about it yet, so we really don’t know much about it. At least not yet. What we do know though is that she has dropped a new song and it is fire.

The new song is a remix of DaBaby‘s viral chart-topping “Suge” song and she dropped mad bars on it and if you loved the original song, you’ll think highly of this remix too, especially if you are a fan of Nicki Minaj herself.

Nicki Minaj when asked about her coming album, said “I have two ideas but I’m thinking of going back to ‘pink’ for old times sake,” but then she has also said that she may not be naming her coming album after any color. So, pink may be out of it.

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On  this remix, while it’s a new song entirely, or at least a different remix, she still kept some of DaBaby‘s lines even as she introduced dope lines like “Drug Lord Griselda/I used to move weight through Delta/Stay in your place ’cause I/Don’t want to put you in a shelter/I’m cookin’ up in the kitchen/You can be my little helper” and we love it.

The particular remix happened when she did a Queen Radio takeover of Los Angeles’ Power 106 station. After she answered questions and deflected answers on the album title, she came through with the remix and everyone was wowed. We still are and recommend listening.

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