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Conway and Eminem Go “Bang”

by James Ogunjimi

Conway is getting ready to release his solo album soon and off of that coming album, he teamed up with rap god, Eminem to drop this hardcore one titled “Bang”.

On this one, they both went full on blast hardcore with the lines and Eminem even took a trip down memory lane to look at some of his conquests and you’ve got to love this one.

Conway opened with “The shells’ll bang, make everything under your helmet hang,” and it immediately became obvious that this one will be different and Eminem was the right person to have on this.

Eminem took over from him and took us on a trip down memory lane, reminding us of conquests over Ja Rule and Canibus and he didn’t hold back.

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When Eminem went “That was back when I smoked Canibus/Man, but it was tough, ’cause I was a fan of his/So it sucked to hand him his ass, but/Yeah, lookin’ back on my feuds/How me and Ja Rule almost got cool/’Cause we shot pool back in ’01/Was it ’02? I don’t know, but/Something told me fuckin’ not to”, we knew, yeah, this is the stuff.

Remember the beef he and Canibus had then? They were supposed to team up on a song back in 98 but Canibus refused because he thought Eminem ghost-wrote LL Cool J‘s “Ripper Strikes Back” that was a diss directed at Canibus.

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Well, it was a mistake, but the bigger mistake was when he decided to diss Eminem on “U Didn’t Care” in 2001 but Eminem replied with 5 songs, effectively ending that phase. He touched on that on this song, including the Ja Rule beef and we recommend listening.

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