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Meet Taylor Swift “The Archer”

by John Anusie

Meet “The Archer,Taylor Swift’s surprises drop – surprise in that no one saw it coming. Anyway the song is here, and it taps at the soul.

The Archer” gives the listener a grand view of the vulnerable side of the singer. Forget the celebrity cloak for a minute. She is human, like you and me, and she has got feelings, which get hurt too, like yours and mine.

In “The Archer she sang that all her enemies started out as friends. But there’s still that one friend – you may say lover – who is still her friend, still her pillar of support, and although she might feel broken, she trusts her man enough to admit her brokenness and to ask to hold to him.

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The Archer” drops to rapturous reception from fans. The raptures might continue as fans walk deeper into the world of the lyrics. This song speaks to the soul and might even address the situation most peeps might be in at the moment.

Taylor Swift, who recently accused Brau Scooter of being manipulative and a bully, following his purchase of her music catalogue, is not going to give up the music in spite of the tragedy of the loss of her catalogue to a man she resents publicly.

With Swift’s seventh studio album, “Lover,” due for release August 23, still a long way off, fans may well nibble on what’s on the table. It is charming enough to mollify the impatient and make them look forward to August 23 without strident plaints.

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Stream “Taylor Swift – The Archer” below and drop your thoughts in the comment section.

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