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Yung Bans New Joint ‘Ready Set’ features XXXTentacion & 03 Greedo

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

Rapper, Young Bans has dropped a new joint ‘Ready Set Go’ which features late rapper, and .

Since news broke that late rapper, contributed to Young Bans‘ new album, a lot of people have wanted to hear it. The late rapper whose fans have come to cherish every piece of work by him was one of the most influential young rappers during his life time. Now in his death, his music has become revered even more than those of his peers in the industry.

The release of the tracklist for ‘ new album a few weeks ago showed the late rapper’s name on two of the tracks on the album; first on an interlude and then on a collaboration with (this).

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The release of the new album, Misunderstood last night, saw heightened anticipation to hear the contents of this new song.

You might think everyone would be listening to the song just to hear XXX, but then someone else on the track has made headlines recently, although not like XXX. California rapper, , has been in the news for being sentence to twenty years in prison.

The most exciting part of the track is at the end, where a phone call from is heard. An excited XXX is heard talking about coming up with the hook of the song and being happy to record it. A lot of fans must have teared up hearing that, it felt like being close to the late rapper even if for fleeting seconds.

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