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Nasty C – Casanova (Strings Version): Watch, Listen, Lyrics & Download

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

South African rapper, has released a new track from his very successful Strings and Bling album, (strings version).

If you haven’t heard ‘s newest drop, , know this, that’s one great song you’re missing out on. Forget the hype, Nasty‘s is 100. Violins and piano never sounded better, like a merging of inanimate instrumental souls.

might as well truly be The Coolest Kid in Africa, no doubt. The young South African emcee is no longer one to watch but one to follow. Sometimes we wonder what he sips on to get all the inspiration he unloads in his music but boy, one can only wonder. Nasty‘s recent songs have slowly built him a following of die hard fans, ready to follow him to hell and back; like, you say you’re a Casanova, then we are too.

His recently released album, Strings and Bling has become the best selling album from a South African act in the last four years. Garnering him many awards including Best Hip Hop Album at the 25th Annual South African Music Awards. With many successful singles released from the album, including the 3x platinum number 1, SMA, Nasty comes through with this new one.

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Casanova is the 13th track on the Strings and Bling album. The very mellow song practically speaks to the soul. Not in a motivational or eerie way, but it sort of commands your innate feelings to embrace it’s soothing power. The song’s production and Nasty’s words drive the cathartic song to be what it is, a true MASTERPIECE. Sadly, its 2-minute-22-second length is too short for such a big song.

Listen and get lyrics below:


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