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Lil Durk Vibes With Nicki Minaj On ‘Extravagant’

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

and vibe in new collaboration, .

What’s your idea of freaky? What’s the freakiest most graphic song you’ve ever heard? Pause, this new song could be it if you’re still wondering. Nicki joins on one of the most pornographic songs of the year and they both seem fine with it. Why wouldn’t they be anyway?

‘s newest release ‘‘ is as graphic and X-Rated as every audio porn around. Durk features Nicki who’s never held back when it comes to getting freaky with anyone and on any song. The self acclaimed ‘Queen‘ whose recent buzzy new track, Megatron tumbled out of the charts barely a few weeks after its release goes full throttle on this one.

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Nicki opens the track with words for Lil Durk, she goes;

Yo Lil Dirk, I heard you wanted to do a freaky song with the queen” and ends with her signature “Rrr” after which Durk launches into a line of sexually explicit lyrics which Nicki also responds to in kind. Nicki gives back what Durky dishes with as much intensity as he gave it. Apart from it’s explicit lyrics, is a dope song with dope production riding on an eerie but really exciting beat that seems to do the nerves more good than harm.

The new song is definitely going to be a real banger in strip clubs and night clubs as it serves enough material for that select pleasure. This one’s definitely appearing on the charts soon, but we could be wrong about that. Extravagant would either gross you out or turn you on.

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