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Smokepurpp Disses Tekashi and Baby Mother on ‘DUCK!’

by James Ogunjimi

Rapper,  is not one to take a slight lying down, is he? Well, he has refused to take the fact that Tekashi‘s mother rebuffed his advances lightly and has launched a diss track at her and Tekashi who is currently incarcerated.

got the rap scene raising eyebrows after he made advances at Tekashi‘s mother and got knocked for that act. Yeah, Tekashi is not exactly the favorite of most fans right now but still,  going after his mama is just not cool.

Anyway, she obviously didn’t take the bait which pissed him off and well, the chorus of this song foes: “They know Lil Purpp shock a bitch like some thunder (Yeah)/Talking that shit then I put him up under (Prr)/He  not a savage, that nigga a runner (Bitch!)/Look  at my diamonds‚ they bright like the summer (Yeah).”

In a tweet sometime last week, Smokepurpp had called out Tekashi, calling him a rat and asking his baby mamas to join him. He wouldn’t be the first to do that anyways. Snoop Dogg had said  should be left to rot after he snitched.

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Smokepurpp‘s tweet read: “Where’s 6ix9ine’s baby moms at? We need a fourth one, don’t we? We need a fourth one! 6ix9ine’s baby mom, where you at? What’s her name again? I don’t know, but all four of us are trying to fuck—me and my two girlfriends.”

After snitching on his crew, Tekashi may be some kind of pariah and with everyone firing into him left, right and center even while he’s still incarcerated, it will be interesting to see the kind of reception he gets when he gets back.

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