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Mallrat Releases New Song ‘Charlie’

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

has released a dreamy new song titled ‘‘.

It’s been an amazing year for Aussie singer, whose music has recently started gaining the recognition it deserves. Her newest single goes beyond her normal unrequited love lyrics but speaks about unconditional love. The kind you have for your pet animal. Well, not entirely but the real kind, the one you have for fellow human beings. is named after ‘s (real name, Grace Shaw) dog, a really cute Golden Retriever. Now you get why we first said, love for pet animals.

Mallrat has built a reputation for herself for doing songs her fans can relate to, the Australian singer continues in same vein with this new one. In , the 20 year old sings about her parents’ love life and its ups and downs. We have no idea if this is truly about them but the lyrics suggest so.

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Daddy worked out west and he worked so hard / My mum smells like cigarettes and they broke each other’s heart / She says that lobe is like a chess game / And boys gotta do the chasing / When did j start taking her advice? I raised myself and that’s okay”

Speaking about the song to Triple J breakfast, she said;

Charlie is about a lot of different things, but mostly just loving people so much, regardless of whether it’s reciprocated or not.

The singer has also announced a 5 track EP titled Driving Music. The EP would be her third and would contain Charlie, amongst a few previously released songs. The singer who is currently living between Los Angeles and Brisbane is currently supporting tours and would tour till the year ends.

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