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Katy Perry Debuts New Song ‘Small Talk’

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

Katy Perry has debuted a new song, Small Talk, and it is co-written with American singer, Charlie Puth.

Last we heard of Katy Perry, she was slugging it out in court with christian rapper, Flame after which she was ordered to pay over $500,000 of $2.78 million to the rapper. Now she’s out with the follow up to her Never Really Over single, and this one’s called Small Talk.

All the while we’ve known Katy Perry, her lyrics have been very expressive, quite story like but fun and extremely relatable. The words of her songs always tell a story her fans can relate to and we love to watch it play out in our heads. Her newest song, Small Talk is as expressive as her previous music including Part Of Me, and The One That Got Away.

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Small talk is the second single following the release of her previous song, Never Really Over. The song sees Katy talking about what happens after a break up between a couple who have each moved on with their lives. The song is written by Katy alongside John Carlson, Charlie Puth, and Jacob Kasher Hindlin. The song simply outlines the awkwardness that follows after the break up and how strained the relationship between the former lovers becomes.

Before the song’s release on Thursday at midnight, Katy teased it on her Instagram account during the week. She posted several clips of the song’s lyric video showing an ex couple who work together playing out the lyrics of the song. We hope Small Talk and Never Really Over are part of an upcoming album although there’s no news on that yet.

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