Home Music Johnny Marr unveils new song  “The Bright Parade.”

Johnny Marr unveils new song  “The Bright Parade.”

by Florence Tolulope

English musician, songwriter and singer, Johnny Marr has unveiled his new song  “The Bright Parade.

The former Smiths guitarist, who released his latest solo album Call The Comet last year, has been sharing some one-off singles. Late last year he dropped “Jeopardy,” and early this year another one titled “Armatopia” which arrived in February with a karaoke-themed music video, now followed with “The Bright Parade.

In a recent chat with DIY, Johnny explained that his preciously released song ‘Armatopia’ was this kind of eco-disco and he didn’t want to hide that, but ‘The Bright Parade’ is more of a psychedelic musical track”.

“Maybe I’ve been quite preoccupied with the cosmos over the last couple of years but it’s the perfect metaphor for the star system — whether that’s a rock star or a movie star or a reality TV star. I think half my mind was still in the cosmos and the other half was around these vacuous modern-day reality stars. ‘The Bright Parade’ puts the two together and puts it on top of a psychedelic backing track.” –  he stated.

“The Bright Parade”, although, cloaked in a gauzy, shoegaze aura, is anchored by a mesmerizing scorcher of a guitar riff and a churning bass line.

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Marr also explained that the song was partly inspired by his interest in outer space.

“But everything I’m doing as a musician and a creative person is some kind of reaction to what’s going on in the world, if only as a way to escape. The act of getting in a studio and recording and making music with a band does feel a necessary escape from what’s going on.” – he adds.

Stream “The Bright Parade” below.

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