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Dame D.O.L.L.A & Lil Wayne Say ‘Sorry’

by James Ogunjimi

NBA star and rapper, Damian Billard has come through with a new album “Big D.O.L.L.A” and off of that album, we get this  song that has  on it.

The player and rapper goes by the  in music circles and outside of football, kills it in the studios too and he did not disappoint on this song.

You know how he would like only rap about his growing up and how he struggled to make it and all of the stories like that? Well, he went a different route with this. He’s not trying to sell a story of how he made it again. He’s here now and is bragging about being good and being on top.

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Having  on the song helps too. Who else would you want to have on a song like this anyway, where you get to brag and declare yourself the best? They fit right into this song and rapped like they’ve been doing this together for long. It’s a good song and a win for .

On the song,  is but not as he went “I get to the money with ease/I’m different, they jacking my steez/I’m the new wave of seabreeze/Now praying and she on her knees” and well, we love the lines.

It’s not everyday you get an NBA player killing it on the beats too and on a top level for that matter but he makes it work. His fans and colleagues in the NBA have been helping to promote the album and this song too and we recommend listening.

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