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Swae Lee In “Sextasy”

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

finally drops new solo track, and it is a whole mood.

When hinted on social media that August was about to be a very good month, he sure meant every bit of it. The very genius singer is set to make the most of the month with his planned releases for the week. previously took his time working undercover on tracks which has recently been teased by him and a few of his producer friends. Now we’ll wonder no more where the former member was all that while.

Swae in a recent post on social media tweeted that “vibes” was going to drop “this Friday“. With everyone wondering what that meant, Mike Will also shed some light into the post with his own revelation on Instagram. The music producer shared a photo on his Instagram showing a meeting with Interscope Records involving Swae. Also in the photo was a paper which contained a list of two new songs scheduled to be released by Swae, one of them being the recently released, , and the other, a collaboration with which might be dropping tomorrow.

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Swae had previously told fans he was preparing for the “most stupid solo project ever”. This was after he told Billboard in December last year that Swaecation, his solo contribution to ‘s SR3MM was well received as he’d hoped.


is actually a really cool song, not different from his previous R&B deliveries but very enjoyable. The track is quite chill soothing its title. But we expect better from the collab with , Won’t Be Late which is dropping later tonight. Sextasy has only been released on international streaming platforms.

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