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by James Ogunjimi

US rapper,  is back on the music front with this new song titled  and this is him gunning for some major controversy.

He was recently embroiled in some real controversy around the whole Best Rapper of All Time debate and a number of criticisms have trailed him already since this debate started, then again, he’s not really the kind of man to shy away from it. He rides the wave of controversy and takes the praise when they come too.

Produced by My Brother Dizz, this one is Crook at one of his best. That he’s one of the best rappers around is not even in doubt. His lines flow and listening just brings back memories as he played on one of the Notorious BIG songs here.

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He does some praises for himself too. Talk about blowing your own trumpet too, yeah? He rapped: “The west without Crook is like the ‘G-Thang’ beat without the synth chord / like Eazy-E without a Six-Four, I know you feel me if ur-in poverty, piss poor.”

This song is supposed to be a tribute of some sort for Biggie and well, he did go close with the lines and the bars he spat on this. We’d be hard pressed to find anything better this week as he really went all out on this.

Dominick Wickliffe known in music as  is one of the big names around with songs like “Let Me Get It”, “Slaughterhouse”, “No Sleep Gang” and more. This year, we have gotten “Live 4 It”, “Pain Away” and more from him and we recommend listening to this.

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