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Ciara – I Love Myself Ft. Macklemore

by Ayodeji Lateef

American singer-songwriter shares a golden gospel in her track titled “I Love Myself,” off her “Beauty Marks” released recently. The track features .

Love, especially for self, has been a perennial subject of conversation around the world, and I doubt it will ever lose its perennial status. While some peeps have no trouble loving themselves, others struggle mightily, electing, instead, to lean on people’s opinion of them – and their beauty.

Well, wouldn’t fall into the crowd hankering for approving nods from anyone. All about her are beauty marks, and whether or not the world sees them, she is aware of the marks and she loves herself. While declaiming the love for self, she also nurses a fervent wish for her daughters.

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Being the daughters on a celebrity, they are auto-famous. But no, she would rather they love themselves likewise, and not look to the public for love. Let them affirm themselves. Now that’s one fine pathway to personal growth.

Benjamin Hammond Haggerty, who goes by the stage name , gave a splendid assist on the song. A fine American rapper himself, he is the mastermind of songs like “Glorious” and “Marmalade.”

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