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Motionless In White — Disguise

by Ayodeji Lateef

American metal band,  come through with a new project titled “Disguise” and they’ve got the industry buzzing with this release. The band that has members like Chris “Motionless” Cerulli, Ryan Sitkowski, Ricky “Horror” Olson, Vinny Mauro, and Justin Morrow have been together since 2005 and recently released the “Disguise” a few days ago.

The consists of songs like “Legacy”, “Thoughts & Prayers”, “Headache”, “Holding On To Smoke”, “Another Life” and more and has the band members in high spirits, showing that talent that has grown them into one of the most respected metal bands around.

While not all the songs are instant hits, don’t worry, some are and some will, well grow on you, the project is still proof of the amazingness that is the band and will remind fans of just how much they love this band and the members.

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“Headache” has Chris in the lead and he screams “shut up” a number of times in the songs in what can be said to be characteristic of him when the music takes hold of him. “Code” is more digital and technical and they sing and scream to it too.

who got signed to Fearless Records under which they released three of their albums have a more refined sound now and have all fully evolved into their roles the longer they stay together and on this project, we see just how far they have come and recommend this for metal heads and music fans in general. To listen, and share your comments in the comments section.

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