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Drake – Omertà

by Ayodeji Lateef

After the Toronto Raptors made history by winning the NBA Finals, Drake who was on fire and cheering them on throughout the playoffs promised to release two singles to celebrate the victory. Well, we have one of the promised songs and it is titled “Omerta” and he spits some fire on this one.

Drake is not exactly the most ‘peaceful’ artiste on this musical streets and he doesn’t go easy on this track. He sang this one for haters but unlike the promise he made to make the song about the Raptors and their NBA win, this was not that. This was a song for those who kept hating him last year.

It appears to be a season of disses of course and of sending messages to haters. Taylor Swift recently told her trolls to stop copping out and calm the F down with a song expected to be in her forthcoming album and now Drake sends a similar message to haters. Well, fancy that.

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Fans are saying this song may just be about Pusha T and the beef they had. We are of course not sure. It may be and it may not be but who knows? Pusha T may just take the bait after all and we may be on for some sweet and exciting tussle?

“Last year, niggas really feel like they rode on me/Last year, niggas got hot ’cause they told on me” is how he sent that clear message and we recommend listening to this one right away. We have a feeling we’ll be talking about this a lot more soon.

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