6 Changes That We Can Expect in the Online Casino Industry in 2024

The online gambling market is constantly growing according to the statistics of recent years. The anticipations about its increase predict the value of more than 92.9 billion US dollars. Currently, the market size is around 59 billion US dollars, and it’s not difficult to calculate that the expected growth rate points out that it’ll double in years to come.

A huge part of the world’s population seems to be interested in certain types of betting or gambling. Depending on the global trends in industries that are directly linked with this one, online casinos will follow certain changes and transitions while growing at steep rates. The year 2024 is approaching its end and many milestones occurred in our lives worldwide that influenced various areas of business. Turning to technology for most actions and reactions to daily motions in societies have turned the compass to the digital areas of gambling improvement and trends will keep walking that way according to forecasts.

The most significant trends can be expected in the forthcoming year and those might interest you if you plan on winning some online casino tournaments or simply winning a bet in the favorite game.

1. Smartwatches in the gaming industry

When we think about smartwatches, we have in mind tracking calories, good night sleep quality measuring and amount of water we drink per day calculated precisely on demand. The same as mobile phones, once they appeared they had limited options, and while making unprecedented changes in the technology, their full capacities couldn’t have been predicted with the highest accuracy.

Smartwatches are offering apps through the device around your wrist, and make you able to use features you couldn’t even dream of until recently. They were introduced years ago, but these days online casinos adjusted to them, which is why they’re currently on the rise. In betting, speed is one of the most important things. Having a chance to play regardless of where you are at the moment only because you have the option close to your fingers is making many people fall in love with it with reason.

2. Virtual and augmented reality gambling

These days, kids and grown-ups use the playrooms’ latest trends daily to play their favorite games and enter some parallel worlds that way. In the online casino industry, this trend is on the rise and it can change the way you experience the gambling process.

Many casino rooms already introduced AR and VR which allow them to offer virtual instead of real space – the savings are huge. With AR, the feeling of wandering around sparkling slot machines and seeing other players’ around you with the chance to feel the atmosphere as if you were there while sitting on the couch in your room makes a huge difference – and people are ready to pay for it. We can expect to see more and more casinos introducing this opportunity and competition will do its part of the job for those still doubtful about it.

3. Mobile gambling on the rise

Some predictions say that the share of the mobile gambling industry will be more than half of the entire gambling market within less than a year.

Convenience is a huge factor in the entertainment industry – people like to feel comfortable while enjoying their favorite activities. Whether it includes only sports, slots, poker, or roulette, having a chance to play on the go or wherever you are at the moment using a mobile app contributes to the experience quality. This is why many casinos like have introduced the option of mobile or tablet gambling via the Android app.

4. Cryptocurrency big breakthrough

One of the controversial topics is the most advanced payment method nowadays – cryptocurrencies. In the gaming industry, this has been on the table for a while now and their application is limited in various ways. Some casinos limit the options of winnings when this payment option takes place, which made many people reluctant to use it.

Even though today it has been limited to a small overall number of gaming platforms, the speed by which it becomes widely used will ensure more and more businesses consider them. This method offers new chances for attracting brend users from different social groups while the players’ privacy is protected even more.

5. Responsible gambling methods

It’s a natural consequence in the gambling world – many people end up losing plenty of money. This situation causes the domino effect on the entire circles around the gamer and it might cause divorces, poverty, depression, social and medical, along with psychological issues. It isn’t a rare case that some people commit suicide if they find themselves in hopeless situations.

This has turned the heads of gaming providers alongside some interest groups that are introducing measurements on how to limit the number of funds a player can lose daily. Some of them, like Australia or the UK, have the regulations that came as a result of this responsible mindset. In Australia, it’s prohibited to promote gambling bonuses while in the UK there’s a rule where every casino needs to participate in the daily loss limitation rule if they want to gain and keep their license. It’s expected that these and similar regulations will spread quickly to other countries and all casinos on the market.

6. Rise of esports niche

Lockdown has made some business areas flourish, while others diminish. Professional esports players are turning to video platforms where they gain fans, sponsorships, and other interest groups that follow their streams, and some pay money for advertisements through their esports adventures.

Sports bets are a huge pool for earnings, and betting online while surrounded by the safety of your room makes it irresistible. Bettors are now able to create online profiles and get their winnings based on the quotes and invested funds into their favorite games.

Naturally, people try to find a way to do their favorite activities the way they are used to. The transitions we face daily make us desperate for the security of the known and it’s expected that our habits will alter a bit in the way we do them. If we love to gamble and we are unable to walk around the real casino, why not try to use AR to walk the virtual one? It will make a business sustainable, players entertained and profits gained… Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn’t it?


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