5 Tips for Starting an Automotive YouTube Channel – 2024 Guide

Growing an audience is never easy, even though it should be much more manageable today due to social networks being what they are, and knowing that a vast majority of all people have a stable internet connection, etc. Unfortunately, in reality, that’s not the case. Yes, the possibilities may seem endless, but that accessibility and the fact that just everyone can create any type of content means it is getting too crowded. It basically means that people are swamped with various videos, photos, promotions, and ads and, let’s be completely honest, are sick of it.

Where to start?

All of this mentioned above stands in the way of your progress, which is why creating engaging content of exceptional quality is only one piece of the puzzle, especially when one plans to build a new channel from scratch. The best place to start is precisely determining what type of content you are going to present to people, as there are plenty of differences between podcasts and sports analysis. It is just one plain example, but you should know that one topic stands out from the rest, and yeah, we are talking about automotive one.

Everyone knows about YT

YouTube offers plenty of options to grow your business, but when creating something new, if not aware of all the possibilities, it can take too much time, and you can end up disappointed. That is why marketing means so much today, as it all starts and ends with it. Marketing is perhaps the most vital modern tool, but also the one for which you need decent knowledge in order to get the most out of it. Some already have experience with it, but others still find all the analytics, targeting audience, revenue performance management, etc., quite confusing, but that’s why we are here today.

1. Buy the right equipment


Making videos for an automotive channel is not an easy task, and each of them needs to be perfect if we want to attract new visitors. Of course, that does not mean that we need to buy some super expensive cameras and hire ten persons to help us make a flawless video, but it also means that cameras on our mobile phones are not good enough. We need to buy a camera with good resolution, which we will use only for that. One of the best choices is action cameras because of the wide-angle and great resolution of recordings, and they are also great in every weather condition, and a good automotive channel requires a variety of videos.

2. Create a strategy

No matter the type of job or work, this one is always where it all starts, right after the idea. Now, when we say strategy, it’s more than just a marketing strategy, as knowing what video you will produce in the next couple of months, when will video air time be, at what time, and what will the concept be, are just some of the planning you will need to do. Planning is the only way to succeed online, and making mistakes is nothing unusual, but if someone doesn’t learn from those mistakes, well, that’s something that will just complicate things. Detailed planning is the core of everything, and everything else will fall into place afterward.

3. Prepare for waiting

Once we start an automotive channel, we all wish to wake up and see a million followers, but it is unlikely. Because of that, we need to be prepared for waiting and for hours and hours invested into promotion. It is important to follow the strategy and avoid posting two videos a day in the beginning, and stop after a month because we do not have more ideas. A much better solution is to write down all ideas and post regularly, but not too often, so our visitors have time to check our new video before we post a new one. In that way, we will also prevent burnout syndrome and ensure that our channel will be active for a long time.

4. Be creative

It is okay to find some old video and remake it in better resolution and better production, but in most cases, people will look at that as a lack of creativity. Because of that, it is much better to use creativity and to make something different. Do the research and watch other channels since it is the best way to see what other people are doing, and in that way, you can figure out how to make something different. Being the best among the same content is good, but it will become boring after a while, and people will stop watching, so being unique is always better.

5. Promote it

There are many different ways of promoting, and we need to use all of them if we want to attract new followers to our channel. We can use social media for advertising our channel, post a link on our website or send it via email to our friends and family. There are too many options, and the worse thing we can do is not to use at least one of them. We can also attract subscribers if we organize some free contest or giveaway because people love free things and even more to be noticed. Another great idea is to collaborate with other automotive channels and vloggers and exchange opinions and experiences while making progress together.

The bottom line

After we covered the basics, there is only one thing left to mention that can do wonders audience-wise, and that’s using the oldest trick in the book, buying subscribers. It is a great way to start with a hundred or thousand channel subscribers as you can only grow from that point, and the only thing is finding the best and most reliable company. Before taking any action, make sure you read the reviews and previous customers’ experience, or if you don’t want to waste time on doing that and would rather spend it on creating good marketing and video strategy, just check


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