7 Things to know about Covid-19 Unpaid Wages

The pandemic that has come upon us has led to massive job losses and unpaid wages. There have been many people who were affected due to COVID–19 unpaid wages. Everyone who has been affected by due wages should know their rights. It might be a better idea if you choose to hire a professional to ensure that you get your wages paid. In this article, we will talk about different things you need to know about unpaid wages due to COVID–19.

Top 7 Things Everyone Should Know About Unpaid Wages

There are many things that people miss out on, apart from unpaid wages due to COVID-19. We will discuss what your options are and how you can ensure that you get whatever money you are due and eligible for from your employer.

1. Termination due to COVID-19

There are many people in Los Angeles who have faced termination. Employers have sighted COVID–19 as the core reason for terminating a large volume of employees. It has not only resulted in job loss but is also associated with pay loss. You should be aware that you are entitled to 100% of your pay, even in this case.

Bibiyan Law Group has helped hundreds of employees get their due wages despite being terminated. COVID–19 is not an employee’s fault, and therefore they cannot be held responsible for it. So, consulting with a law firm about your unpaid wages is crucial.

They will ensure that they prepare your case properly. These lawyers are experienced in handling relevant issues about termination and loss of pay. You can be assured that you will get paid the due amount regardless of your current employment status.

2. Overtime work

As an employee, you should know that you are eligible for any overtime working hours you worked for the employer. COVID–19 has often required people to work extra to meet customer expectations. Sometimes, it is due to the curfew that may have been imposed.

However, if you are working past your scheduled time, you are supposed to get overtime pay. An experienced professional attorney can ensure you get paid for your overtime working hours. It is if you are denied any of the overtime wages your employer should have paid you in due time.

3. Unused vacation

Vacation days are something every employer owes to their employees. Every person is eligible for a paid vacation upon completing a specific duration of service in a particular organization. Many employees do not realize that their unused vacation days have to be paid for by their employer.

Very often, employees are not paid for their unused vacation days. People do not use all the vacation days that were provided to them. Due to that, they qualify to receive compensation for the unused vacation days. So, consult a lawyer to know your chances of getting this.

4. Incorrect compensation

There are times when your compensation or wages do not add up appropriately. Some people would be denied a chance to question improper or incorrect payment. It can lead to not only financial loss but also stress and depression for an employee.

If you are provided with incorrect compensation, you can question the same with the help of an experienced attorney. They would help you to attain whatever payment you rightly deserved. It would apply even to the COVID-19 scenarios.

So, if you are a person who is affected by COVID-19 and incorrect compensation, you can always seek the help of an attorney. They would be able to contest your employer’s claim to ensure that you get whatever is due to you for the days you worked.

5. Reimbursements

There are certain things that an employer is supposed to reimburse. An employee pays for certain things and produces the bill to the employer. Upon receiving it, the employer should pay the bill whenever applicable. However, some people do not receive them.

If you are eligible for reimbursement and your employer has not paid you the same, an attorney can help you. They would hold the employer accountable for repayments they have not made to you as an employee of their organization.

6. Discrimination

Discrimination is a broad category, and often employees are discriminated against on different grounds. Earlier, color discrimination was one of the most common things employers did. However, it does not seem to exist much anymore. Other forms of discrimination exist today.

Discrimination due to physical disability, pregnancy, age, and race is common. If you feel you are discriminated against for any of these reasons, you should rightfully fight your case against it. Any qualified and experienced attorney can help you with these discrimination issues.

7. Wrongful termination

Wrongful termination is something that many people suffered from during COVID-19. Without an appropriate reason, no employer has the right to terminate you. If you think your termination was not according to the rules of the law, you can contest it.

By hiring an experienced attorney, you can ensure that you are rightly compensated for wrongful termination. Apart from being paid for wrongful termination, you may also be eligible for other compensation from the employer. Keep in mind to contact an attorney to learn more.

Bottom Line:

If you have any problems with your employer, you should contact an attorney and discuss the same. Most of the attorneys offer a free consultation. It allows you to gauge the chances of recovering anything you are eligible for from your employer. Once you know your opportunities, you can determine if you should continue to file charges against your current or previous employer.

An attorney can ensure that you are paid back for your losses. They can also help you receive assistance with the mental stress you experienced. Therefore, if you are affected by an employer, you can contact an experienced attorney to know their chances of rightful compensation.


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