How to Use Escort Services – Tips to Consider

Thanks to the internet, getting an escort has become easier than ever. You can find all kinds of women and men online who specialize in fulfilling all types of fantasies. However, getting an escort, especially a good one, is not that easy, and can even be dangerous. You will need to learn the vocabulary they use in this business and manage your money properly. Fortunately, it is easy to learn how to find and select an escort that is within your budget.

1. Find the right escort

Conduct online research and browse through a few escort directories. These directories contain all kinds of profiles or ads, and to find if a directory is valid, check to see if escorts publish their ads monthly. Avoid those directories where escorts post their ads daily. Daily advertisements are available for a low price and are, therefore, used by low-class escorts.

2. Find an independent escort lady or escort agency.

It is more advisable to contact an agency because you can expect a better quality of their services. When you find an agency that you like, the receptionist can give you some suggestions according to your preferences. The downside of escort agencies is that they are generally expensive since they charge an extra fee for certain services.

3. Search for the escort’s name on Google, so you can see how long she’s been in the dating business and how famous she is among her clients.

If she’s only been an escort for a few weeks or months, then you’re taking a risk. Search Google for their phone number and email to find out if it exists and if their business is legitimate.

-There are many websites that rate escorts on their appearance, personality, and willingness to try new things. Among the best pages of this type are

4. Limit your options according to the type of escort you want.

Some categories that you should take into account are age, hair color, complexion, height, breast size, if they are VIP, etc. That is also the right time to decide if you just want a short date, or something more.

5. Make sure to check that the escort is the one you saw in the photo.

Those who use fake photos will never tell you if they do, and some of them beautify their faces with Photoshop. However, many real escorts also cover their faces for privacy reasons. In other cases, there will be customers who will leave comments on the girl’s ads and verify if she is the one in the photo.

-Use an image search page to find out if the girl did not take the photos from a website with professional models (like Playboy) or a porn site.

6. Decide how much money you are willing to spend.

Keep in mind that cheap is expensive. If you only have $ 100 to 200 (or the equivalent in your country) as a budget, you better save more money. Then, click on the ad of the girl of your choice and scroll down until you find the price. If here services are too expensive, then don’t waste time reading the rest of her ad.

-Don’t try to haggle with the escort. If her ad doesn’t show a price, the girl is most likely expensive.

-When you have found the one that you like and is within your budget, be sure to verify that they do not charge you extra or ask for “tips” when you get to the meeting.

7. Contact the escort discreetly to plan the meeting.

Make sure you have an idea of ​​what you are going to do during the encounter. If you are already familiar with the types of services they offer, make sure you know what kind of service do you want.

-Keep in mind that if you are rude, it is very likely that she will hang up on you and ignore your calls. You should also take into account that you could end up talking to her “manager” on the phone and not to the girl of your choice.

8. Find out where do you want to meet.

A cheap hotel in a dangerous neighborhood wouldn’t be the right place. Besides, you must ensure that the parking is not visible from the street, especially if it is close to your home or office.

Meeting your escort

1.Be careful when you arrive at the place.

When you do, pay close attention to your surroundings. If you see something suspicious (people walking, cleaning, or maintenance workers watching you) or you have a bad feeling, get out of there. Remember that most hotels do the cleaning early in the morning, and maintenance is generally not done overnight. Be smart, and take care of yourself.

2. Take your wallet out of your pocket and hide it in your car.

Do it before you get to the meeting place because you will not want someone suspicious to see you. Just take your cell phone, keys, and cash with you. If you have a separate wallet, take it. You never know if the girl will try to steal your belongings.

3. Show the money to your escort.

When you meet, prove that you have the agreed amount of money and put it in a visible place. This money is to compensate for your lady’s time (not for illegal services). Don’t try to pay for sexual services with cash; that is illegal.

4. Verify that your escort is of legal age.

Ask for her age, and if she has the proper credentials to practice this business legally. If she doesn’t answer yes to both questions, then you are breaking the law. The girl may be a police officer or part of a human trafficking network.

5. Groom yourself if needed.

Some escorts will ask you to wash your hands or take a shower. Since they can run away with your money while you shower, you can tell them that you already have. It is recommended that you do so, both before and after the encounter. A professional escort lady is less likely to run away with your money, so keep this in mind when choosing a new escort or comment on her ads. You can take the money to the bathroom, but she can be offended. However, take your wallet, cell phone, and keys with you to the bathroom.

6. Make yourself comfortable.

When they see your “contribution” and know that you are a serious person, they will not have a problem to undress in your presence, which is a legal activity. However, the laws in your country may be different. Make sure you know beforehand the rules on escorts and sexual activities in your country.

7. Use the right vocabulary when you communicate.

The ladies in the company are cautious when talking about money, sex, outings, etc. They will use words like “contributions” or “a girlfriend experience.” Be sure to use these words when conversing. Never ask her to have sex directly. Use terms like “make yourself comfortable” instead.

8. Immediately leave the scene when the meeting is over.

That is very important because you don’t want the girl to steal your things while you sleep. It is also recommended that you go home and park your car elsewhere so that nobody notices. Remember to leave before or after the girl leaves. You should not go together.


-When you arrive at the meeting place, take only the exact amount of money.

-Always address your escort by her professional name. Don’t use terms like “baby” or “my love.”

-Converse before the meeting. You can chat online and get to know her a little. Ask her what he does and for what price.

-Inspect the room. Sometimes escorts have people `under the bed` to search your pockets while you “have fun.” Showers in bathrooms are also thieves’ favorite hiding places.

-If someone tries to rob you, stay calm. Most of the time, thieves just want money, so give it to them and do as they say.


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