What are the most common sewer problems?

Optimal sewer operation is crucial for draining all types of wastewater in your household. It ensures that all harmful substances go where it is intended, instead of spilling into the ground. This is achieved by a system of pipes that must be intact and work properly. However, like all other pipes in your home, sewer ones can be damaged in different ways, which can lead to problems. When this happens, it is necessary to react in time and repair the damage as soon as possible. But to be aware that you have a problem, you need to be familiar with the most common sewer problems. If you want to learn more about this part of your household, keep reading.

Pipe clogging


Pipe clogging is certainly one of the most common sewer problems that occur in the household, for several reasons. You must have had the opportunity to read in the mall, pumps and similar facilities that it is forbidden to throw various objects in the toilet. The reason is that the accumulation of such objects can lead to clogging of the pipes, and this can further cause them to crack and spill waste material into the surrounding soil. And that is why it is necessary to be properly informed about what you can and should not throw in the toilet, in order to prevent such unpleasant events.

On the other hand, clogging of sewer pipes does not happen only due to throwing waste in the toilet, but it is sometimes conditioned by the activities that are carried out in the kitchen. For example, spilling hot oil into a drain can easily lead to plug formation and sewage problems, especially if you throw wet wipes or tissues in the toilet at the same time. Educate yourself on this topic and take care to dispose of all waste properly.

Pipe corrosion


When choosing the type of sewer pipes for your household, it is necessary to take all factors into account. Metal pipes are most often used, because they have an exceptional durability and can be used for decades without any worries. However, all sewer pipes that are not made of PVC material carry the risk of corrosion and deterioration. This happens due to the chemical reaction that occurs between the metal and the wastewater, so as a consequence, rust is formed which over time destroys the pipes and leads to other problems. However, there are several ways you can prevent this.

First of all, you can take care of what kind of waste you throw in your toilet salt. Acids and waste that has very acidic properties can significantly speed up this process, so it is necessary to dispose of this type of waste in another way. Also, it is crucial to hire professionals to install sewer pipes who will do the job in the best way and advise you on the materials you need to choose. If the sewer pipes are not installed in the right way, it can significantly accelerate their deterioration. You can read more about sewer installations here.

Trees near sewer pipes


It is necessary to remove all trees that are near your sewer line, in order to prevent damage to the pipes by tree roots. Although this does not sound like a big problem, the fact is that the roots can block the flow of wastewater, and sometimes even lead to bursting of the pipes due to their strength. Pay attention even to small trees that are close to sewer pipes, because their roots can develop towards the pipes for better irrigation. Once this root is pulled into the cracks of the sewer pipes, it will continue to grow, until it completely blocks the pipes or causes them to burst. You do not want to cause such problems with your recklessness, so we advise you to get rid of your trees in time, which could interfere with the work of your sewer line.

Pipe movement

Another sewage problem that can occur is pipe movement due to ground movement. The reasons for this can be numerous, and one of them is heavy rainfall, which can lead to the soil sinking and forming a slope, and thus to the movement of sewage. If these changes are sudden, they can cause cracks in the pipes, leaks and contamination of the surrounding soil. Also, soil can accumulate in the pipes and lead to their clogging, which inevitably leads to pipe bursting and further problems.

The biggest problem here is that you can’t do much, and it’s hard to notice that such changes happen, because everything takes place below the surface of the earth. Because of this, it is a great idea to check your sewer line regularly and make sure everything is in order. If you notice that the ground and sewer pipes have moved, we advise you to call professionals as soon as possible to help you repair the damage in time.

Problems due to irregular pipe maintenance


Lastly, there are a number of problems that can occur due to irregular pipe maintenance. It is necessary to check your sewer line at least once a year to make sure everything is in perfect order. If you fail to do this, you can expect the pipes to become clogged, split, burst, and fail due to irregular maintenance over time. It is important to take care of this part of your household as well as others and to make sure that everything is in optimal order, so as not to contaminate the soil and damage your health due to inhalation of harmful substances.

Conclusion: The sewage line is an important part of every household because it ensures the drainage of wastewater and the optimal functioning of the household in general. It consists of a series of pipes which, like all other pipes in the home, can break or be damaged for various reasons. Clogging of pipes, their corrosion, movement, blockage by tree roots and problems with sewer pipes that occur due to irregular maintenance are just some of the sewer problems that people face. It is necessary to regularly maintain your sewer line and to always consult with experts in order for everything to function in the right way.


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