New Real Estate Agents Become Lead Generating Machines with These Proven Methods

The article will describe how to generate leads for new real estate agents and increase their business. It’s an excellent time for any real estate agent looking to go solo. With increased competition, capturing the best listings in your area is more challenging than ever.

Still, with so many potential clients available, an accomplished agent has the chance to build a successful practice if they get savvy with lead generation tactics. This article provides you with the necessary tools and tactics to help you generate the leads you need for your business.

The most important thing about lead generation is that you must develop a solid lead generation process. Unless you have a proven track record as an agent, no one will trust you with their hard-earned money.

For this reason, it’s important to give potential clients plenty of reason to trust you – and that starts with a solid lead generation strategy. A lead generation matrix is an ideal tool for your business.

This model caters to all real estate agents, brand new or seasoned veterans, who have been selling homes for years. You must be familiar with the basics of the model so you can use it properly in the future. All real estate agents are just starting to need to know this essential lead generation tactic.

You must spread the word about your services and give your potential clients plenty of information they can use to make informed decisions about purchasing their homes. The first step in any lead generation effort is determining who you want as your audience. Most real estate agents look for clients within a specific zip code area.

5 Ways in Which Real Estate Agents Can Generate Leads

1. Engage with Their Sphere of Influence


The first thing to do when you’re starting is to engage with your sphere of influence. You don’t need to be the Zillow of the world, but if you know the basic details of your neighbors and the neighborhoods that they live in, go ahead and engage with them.

While there are no guarantees in this business, and landing a client relies on skill far more than any other sales job, you can often get leads from people in your sphere of influence by simply asking for referrals.

It is essential because it is a low-commitment, low-energy way to start your lead generation. You may find that the best leads are suitable in front of you. These can generate leads by asking questions about the properties that they live next to.

2. Attending Network Events


Networking is one of the most effective ways for any real estate agent to attract leads. You can network at offline events and online, but the offline approach tends to have more social value than promotional value.

You can have small, simple meetings with potential clients in your target market or a neighborhood in which you need to start advertising. While it might seem pointless initially, these low-cost meetings will give you an excellent foundation to build relationships with potential clients for years to come.

It is important to note that meetings with prospective clients aren’t always going to be huge, extravagant things. You can also have small meetings with just one or two people at a time, as this tends to be even more effective than larger meetings with many people.

This type of meeting will allow you to build relationships with new potential clients and help your business increase.

3. Frequently Post On Social Media

If you are a real estate agent in any market, the chances are that you have a social media profile. Whether or not you have posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn is debatable and depends on the type of clientele you’re marketing to.

But the chances are that you have a profile somewhere, and it’s minimal at best. Why? Because most real estate agents do not post much on social media, and they avoid it like the plague because it takes up too much time. But here’s the thing: you don’t have to make your social media profile a masterpiece of social media marketing. All you have to do is post regularly.

4. Start an Email Newsletter

An email newsletter is one of the most robust lead generation strategies. Think about it for a second: an email newsletter will allow you to contact your clients and prospects at least once a week, if not more often.

You can also include content related to your industry and interests, which will help attract the people you want in your sphere of influence. It puts them in the mindset to buy from you, which means that it’s something that can generate leads for a very long time.

5. Geo Farm, a Neighborhood


The idea is to draw attention to a neighborhood by showing pictures of houses available for sale in that area, providing information on the hottest properties on the market, and providing sales contacts.

Geo farm works as a lead generation strategy, especially if you’re targeting potential customers who are in your part of the country. The trick is to find a neighborhood that has something unique, like being close to a city center or having great views.

If the neighborhood is attractive enough to give you people’s contact information, it does not need to be dramatic. The geo farm has to be executed by using any medium, like social media, email newsletters, and posting on blogs.

Research shows that house buyers are more likely to enter the market and make an offer when they feel like it is worth their while.

That’s why you need to show them the most desirable properties in your area instead of promoting your services.

You can lead target specific business people you want to get leads from by starting at local industry events and having a booth there.



Lead generation is critical for any real estate agent who wants to succeed. Even the best of agents won’t be able to sell a home if no one knows about them. Knowing the primary lead generation tactics can help you create a solid marketing strategy that will allow you to increase sales and earning potential.

Real estate agents face more competition than ever, but the Internet and social media give them another way to advertise with little risk of failure. And while many real estate agents are looking at real estate lead generation as an added benefit to their business, you must consider the practice essential.

It is no longer the days of one agent doing all the selling for his clients. You must do what you do best and market yourself to get customers and keep them coming back. You need to constantly improve your marketing strategies so that you can be a top producer and seller. You have to know what it takes, which means learning about lead generation.


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