6 Tips for Traveling with Your Electronic Cigarette

People worldwide smoke, and you probably yourself are a smoker as well since you stumbled onto this article! Maybe you know of a smoker who will find this article and its information useful, as well as practical? Well, here, we will talk about all the pros when it comes to traveling with your e-cigar. Most people do not know if electronic cigarettes are safe to pack and bring on the plane, and they are not too sure which regulations apply If you want to make your packing process a lot easier in the upcoming year, keep on reading and have all of your questions answered!

6 Tips for Traveling with Your Electronic Cigarette

1. Can I bring my vape with me on the plane?

This is the most-asked question when it comes to the use of the e-cigarette. You are allowed to bring your pen, but make sure that it is stored properly in your carry-on luggage. You can’t have it in your checked bags.

This is because there are lithium batteries, which some airline companies find dangerous, and they are not welcome on board. This is why you should also remove and get rid of any spare lithium batteries while placing them in a specific bag. Luckily for you, has different e-liquids that you can browse through, along with their practical disposables, vaporizers, as well as all the needed travel-friendly accessories!

2. Am I allowed to smoke at the airport?

Where you can or can’t vape and enjoy your 5-minute break will truly depend as well as vary from one place to another. Some airports do allow e-cigars, while others have strict rules in regards to this habit. You should always read the signs, as well as ask the people who work at the airport whether you’re allowed. You can also ask the stewardess.

Most times, you will be allowed to carry vape juice that weighs less than 3.4 oz. with you during a layover. Anything larger than 100ml is forbidden by every airline company and policy. Make sure to carry it in a small, clear, as well as a plastic bag, just like you would carry all of your shampoos, conditioners, or similar liquids.

3. What is security like when it comes to e-cigarettes?

This is another one that can vary, but TSA regulations that are quite common (as well as best to stick with) are the following ones:

  1. A) Make sure that you pack your batteries and your charger in a separate bag
  2. B) Your e-cigar should be disconnected
  3. C) Make sure that its alarm doesn’t sound off
  4. D) Have it turned off at every moment
  5. E) Have everything stored in one place, if possible

4. Can I smoke during a flight?

You can’t smoke, unfortunately, during your flight. You are also not allowed to charge the batteries either. However, your pen can be with you at all times, just make sure that you disassemble your vaporizer ahead of time. It is best to keep all of your cigar parts in one place, properly stored, and in their original and unique packaging. Make sure that you can wait it out before you land, and always look for the smoker’s area on the airport, or in front of it. Just stay patient during your flight, you don’t want to get a fine, or even risk being kicked out from the flight, nor have any inconveniences with your chosen airline. Find something else to do, like watch a movie, solve a puzzle, or brainstorm some ideas with a passenger that’s seated next to you. It is always a good idea to kill time.

5. Is it allowed to vape in the bathroom?

This is a hard no as well. You should empty your tank as well since this way you will get through security the quickest, and there will be no inconveniences. Due to rough turbulence, poor conditions, as well as if exposed to rough weather, pressurization can make an impact on your O-rings. If this does happen (and it is quite common) you will spill your liquid everywhere, and make a mess in your suitcase. Do not stain your clothes, this liquid can be hard to remove properly in one go. Yet again, be smart, cautious, as well as patient. Nowadays it is hard to fly as it is, so no reason to make the situation even more uncomfortable or unbearable.

6. Do I need some accessories?

Last, but not least, make sure to pack everything you need! This is quite important if you plan on traveling for a longer period of time. You never know what some other cities or countries will have to offer, as well as at which price. The best solution? Make sure that you invest in a high-quality package on the first, and bring your needed items with you. If you go for something sturdy, as well as robust, it will stay with you for the longest time possible! You can also ask the TSA agent for guidance. Most times, people will forget batteries for their vapes. You should also think about your charger (if you use one), as well as the needle, a pair of scissors, disposables, or a pod! Make sure to do your inventory and a detailed list before you take off.

Ready for your next purchase?

Are you also ready for your next big destination? Looking forward to traveling the world in 2024? I believe that most of us are! With all of these new regulations in regards to COVID, it is also important to stay updated and on topic in case new changes come up. Make sure that you pay close attention to our listed tips and tricks, and always pack accordingly for the best smokers guilt-free experience! Luckily, you are allowed to bring your e-cigar with you everywhere you go. However, be smart when it comes to the regulations in regards to smoking, as well as its packing.


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