What is the only mathematically beatable game in a casino?

We won’t talk about this a lot, and we will go straight to the point – it’s Blackjack, and there is a reason why it’s like that, and our today’s article is dedicated to the history of this game, how it’s played, some simple rules, how to understand it, and why it’s the only mathematically beatable game in the casinos.

On the other hand, it’s also known as one of the hardest casino games to play, even though it’s simple to understand. Also, telling that something is beatable in 2024 sounds weird, but experienced players already know some ways how to play against the machine, and really win some more money.

But, let’s take some time and help you meet this interesting game:

It’s probably one of the most popular games in the world too. There were a few versions of similar card games in England, Spain, France, and the USA. The oldest documents that prove it existed date back to the 1600s, but it became popular later, in the late 1700s.

It’s a table game, and five to seven players can play it together. The dealer is a plus. He/she deals with the cards from the deck. Depending on the number of players, they can use at least one deck, but not more than eight. They need to shuffle the cards well, and then deal. Your goal is to beat the dealer’s hand, but still keep your score under 21.

First hand, every player gets two cards. Faces are worth 10, aces can be 1 or 11, and the rest of the cards keep the value they show. You can “hit”, which means asking for another card, but to “stand” is to hold the current hand you have, without asking for more cards. Going over 21 means the dealer is winning, no matter how much they hold in their hand.

The most interesting thing is that you have great chances to win, because of the rules of probability, without using any additional strategy for that, following only the basic rules. Also, while you play, you can double the hit, or split what you have. Splitting is available if you have two of the same cards at the dealing phase. You can double or split on the first move, and if you don’t do that, you can’t really change your mind later in the game.

The game of chance or the game of math?


One of the most important things we learn about gambling is that we can’t go against it, and the house will always win anyway. But, while playing Blackjack, you have the math by your side, no matter if you were good at it at school or not. The method that is used to predict the outcome is known as card counting, and in many casinos is completely forbidden. If the casino staff spots someone who is counting the cards, they have a full right to make that person go and give up on the game.

But, there are also books with long explanations of how to mathematically beat Blackjack. It requires a lot of brain activity because you need to keep track of what’s on the table, and what’s in the deck. The number of decks can simplify the process, or make it more complicated. For example, the shuffling machines made these things more complicated for the players who count, because they can’t easily predict what’s happening, but it’s not impossible.

We don’t say that if you count you will win. You are only increasing your chances against the house. Keep in mind that if you are using an online casino as, this method is not that effective, because you can’t beat a machine that works so randomly, and you aren’t able to pick up what they are doing.

So, it’s still beatable?

Every casino game is beatable, but if the casinos let you learn how to do that, there won’t be any purpose in their existence. Sadly, but they are there to collect the people’s money, and let a few of them win. In the past, when the most popular games were invented, people who played them used different strategies to beat them. From those times until now, most of the casino games were revised, and machines were included, to decrease the player’s odds, and turn them to the house. But, for some reason, Blackjack is the only game in the world that can still be beaten if the player is using the right method or approach while playing.

Also, no matter how good you think you are in gambling, keep in mind that the house is always in the first place. Blackjack is beatable, but you also need a lot of luck to complete that.

Why it’s always about the house?

Every casino has a fund for every game they provide. One of the people who play will eventually win, and everyone has an equal chance for that until the right moment hits, and the system decides to give the right random combination, that will bring a profit to someone.

But, if it’s mathematically beatable, then why people still don’t manage to only play Blackjack?

Even though it’s possible, you can’t always predict the outcome. Every math calculation comes with some optimal mistake, and it can be done perfectly only in school classes. And it’s always good to know that, because if we were able to calculate everything in our life, then everyone will win, and the casinos will have to shut down. But we all know that they won’t. They will still exist, and the people will always try to beat them up, to prove it’s possible.


Counting is a good way to try to win against the casino, but you need a lot of practice until you become a pro in this. And the time it’s not worth the effort. Our suggestion is to keep things simple and consider gambling as an entertaining activity. Everything you win is only an additional benefit for you.


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