How to Improve or Fix Sound Quality When Playing VR Games

Every gamer knows that the audio is as important as the lore in the game, and if you don’t perceive the sound properly, you may get defocused, you may not hear a teammate giving instructions, or you may just miss out on amazing opportunities just because you did not hear the announcement. When the sound is faulty, we can easily get annoyed, and we may even give up on playing the game. If you have been experiencing any problems, or if you just want to do something to improve the quality, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading if you want to learn how to improve or fix sound quality when playing VR games.

Check the settings

When you experience any problems with the audio when playing a VR game, the first thing that you need to do is check the settings of your play, as well as the settings on the console. If this is your first time exploring the play, then, chances are, something is not set up properly. In case you just started expiring this issue after months of playing the game, you need to check your equipment, and also check if you have made any changes to your PC audio settings, or the game itself. You can easily do that, no matter the game that you are playing, and this information can be found under Audio in the main Settings. Check the sound, check if you need to increase or decrease anything, and don’t forget to restart the game as well as the console so that all changes take place.  If you have noticed any issues with the equipment, it just means that you need to change it. You can start by checking the cables, and you can connect the external device to something else, like your phone, and see if the same issue persists.

Use the right type of headphones

The headphones are going to make a huge difference in how you perceive the sound of the game, and if you use bad ones, chances are, you will notice irregularities with the audio, distortion, and it may even cut in the middle of the play. This is the last thing that you want to happen, so opt for the best headphones that you can afford.  In today’s market, there are many options that you can choose between, and they will defer in size, features, as well as price, so know what your preferences are before you go shopping. You can talk to other gamers and see what they are using, or you can just look for a model that is made for this exact purpose. Make sure that they are noise-canceling and that they will allow you to change the settings depending on your preferences.

Consider the right gadgets

In some cases, the audio will be relatively decent, and you may not notice any huge issues with it, but when you go to your friend’s house and hear the sounds there, you may hear a big difference. This is all because of the setup and the speakers they are using. If you use low-quality headphones or other gadgets, you will not experience the audio as it is supposed to be experienced, and you may even have a decrease in your skills because of this. Equipment like gaming jackets or vests, along with portable speakers can make a big difference, and you will notice an improvement in the sound quality right away. You should explore these options before saying that the VR game has low-quality sound. Check the review for the Woojer Jacket if you want to learn more about the perks that come with it, along with its features, and how you can use it to improve the sound quality of your VR game.

Make sure everything is connected properly

Sometimes there may be no issue with the game or your setup, and the only problem may come with the way that things are connected. Know that some of the biggest problems arise from faulty cables, so check them out before you start changing your system. On the same note, see if your console is recognizing the third-party audio systems, and troubleshoot to see if there are any issues with that. When using gadgets, speakers, and headsets, check them out on other devices and see if the quality of sound is the same as the one coming from the game, or if there is anything wrong with the equipment itself.

Choose the external source

Finally, there is one additional trick that will help you get this done without going through too much trouble. As you already know, there are some games, no matter how good they are, and no matter how amazing the lore is, the sound quality can be pretty shaky when it is coming from the play itself. This has become a huge issue, since technically, there is nothing wrong with the original audio, and there are no issues with your setup, but you may experience some problems when exploring the game.

To fix this, without investing in new devices and equipment, you only need to change the source. If you have the source audio set up as the game being the main one, you need to change that. Choose your computer or laptop to be the original source, and you can do this with any type of software that will allow you to do this. This process is going to help you save yourself a lot of time, as well as money in the long run.

These are some of the things that you can do to improve or fix the sound quality when you are playing a VR game, and know that most of the things will depend on the settings of the play itself as well as your system. Make sure everything is connected properly, that there are no issues from the game itself, and know that the headphones, as well as the speakers, will play a huge role in this whole thing. If you cannot find an issue with your system, reach out to the game’s customer support and see if there is something they can suggest.


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