Finding the Perfect Apartment Near Melbourne University – A Student’s Guide

As students pursue their higher education, they often travel to new cities or countries. Not only do these experiences enrich academically, but they also provide a cultural experience that will shape the rest of their lives. It is important for students planning to attend the University of Melbourne that they find suitable Accommodation. This article will take you through all the options that are available to you and guide you in making an informed decision as to where you should live for your academic journey.

On-campus Accommodation


The University of Melbourne provides on-campus accommodations that are convenient to the university’s classes, libraries, or other facilities. The residences offer a safe and friendly environment for students looking to enjoy campus life.

As spaces are scarce and in high demand, planning is essential. To guarantee a spot at your chosen apartment or residential college, you must apply early. You should be aware that housing on campus may cost more money than alternative off-campus accommodations.

Options for Off-Campus Accommodation

Melbourne University offers a wide range of off-campus Accommodations. Here are some popular options:

  1. Private apartments and studios: Many college students choose private apartments or apartment studios located near the university. These independent, self-contained spaces provide independence and privacy. Rental prices can vary depending on amenities and location.
  2. Shared Accommodation Sharing Accommodation with other students may be a more cost-effective alternative. This is also an excellent opportunity to make new friends and create a positive living environment.
  3. Homestays: A homestay can offer international students a unique cultural opportunity and a feeling of security. Homestays can include meals, a furnished apartment, and other amenities. They are a good option for students seeking an inclusive living environment.
  4. Student Accommodations (PBSAs): The PBSA providers provide modern, fully-furnished apartments for students with amenities, including gyms, communal spaces, and study rooms. These accommodations are designed specifically for student needs and are often close to major universities.

Budget and Cost Considerations

Your budget is essential when you’re looking for housing near Melbourne University. Melbourne’s costs of living vary greatly, depending on where you live and what lifestyle you lead. It would help if you considered the following aspects of your finances:

  • Rent: Melbourne rents can be costly, especially for properties located near the university. Think about your budget and choose accommodations that suit your financial situation.
  • Utilities: Include utilities, like electricity, water, internet, and gas, in your monthly spending budget. Some accommodations include the cost of utilities in their rent. Others require tenants to pay these separately.
  • Groceries: Decide whether you want to cook at home or go out for dinner. Melbourne offers an array of dining choices, from affordable eateries to upscale restaurants.
  • Transportation: You should also consider the costs of transporting yourself to and from your university if you opt for housing that is further away. Melbourne is home to a vast public transportation network that includes trams.

Finding a suitable student residence near Melbourne University is an essential step towards a comfortable and pleasant academic experience. Budgeting and careful planning will allow you to make the best possible choice for your preferences and needs, regardless of whether you opt for on-campus housing. Melbourne’s vibrant and diverse culture will allow you to make the most of the time that you spend at one of the top Universities.


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