How to by the Perfect Handbag for Everyday Use

It is well known to all that women (but in recent times the number of recent men is growing day by day) are crazy about the fashion details that make them special and set them apart from the monotonous of everyday life. However, among a large number of fashion details, one of which is absolutely striking out and can make even the most ordinary clothing combination perfect, or vice versa, to destroy even the most perfect combination. I’m sure you know what piece of accessory we meant here, we’re talking about bags of course. This accessory is not only needed, but it reveals a lot about your style.

Of course, everyone would love to have a bunch of bags and change them every day depending on what we wear. However, that would require too much money, and we are not all able to afford it. So we set out on a quest for the perfect bag that you can use every day. A bag that will satisfy both functional and aesthetic criteria. So where do we start?!

As a fashion consultant, when it comes to such challenges, I always suggest researching the online market, regardless of the fact that we still have established certain criteria for what we are looking for. Information, shapes, design but also brands will help us make a rough picture of what we are looking for. I always like to start my research in the fendi outlet. Since we are looking for a bag, a huge selection and at extra prices you can find it on the fendi bags outlet.

After this search, I’m sure you have a couple of pieces in your head that you liked, but again, you’re not sure which is universal and comprehensive. So we will set certain rules:

Not every bag can fit every body shape

This may be a new thought for you, but not everybody shape has the same bag. As much as we like it or it is very functional, the handbag must highlight our best parts. The pear-shaped body often has stronger hips and thighs and smaller shoulders and chests. The body in the shape of an inverted triangle has strong shoulders and a very narrow waist and hips. Not to be outdone, every body shape has details that need to be highlighted and hidden. Depending on that, you choose the length of the handles on the bag and the color of the bag itself. If you emphasize the lower part of the body, be sure to choose a bag with the longest possible belt. Sequins and bright materials attract attention, so be careful if the aqua bag is next to a part of the body that should not be conspicuous, you will have a problem.

The next thing you should take care of is size. How do you know if the bag is too big or too small for you? The size of the bag is really important. Women of short stature should not carry large bags because they will look even bigger on them and be too dominant compared to everything else. The same thing is true and vice versa. Tall women should not carry small bags because they will be completely lost.

Once we know this, let’s consider which style to choose. Analyze your wardrobe and decide which wardrobe you mostly wear. Based on the style of most of your clothes, decide on the style of the bag you will wear every day. Don’t run after what is currently fashionable because it may not be your style at all.

Once you know these rules and have done the analysis of both your body and your wardrobe, start researching online again. It is now clearer to you which fashion house is for you and you will not waste time.


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