Why Cannabis Distillate Is The Purest Extract – 2024

We are all already used to the fact that smoking cannabis buds is not the only way to consume it for years now. Various new ways of consumption are used and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Such an increase in the different types you can consume and the different types of processing are primarily the reason that cannabis is no longer taboo, but something that has become very widespread. The benefits of CBD oil and all other products are talked about everywhere. Different modes of production and extraction give different purity and concentration of both CBD and THC. It dictates both price and benefits. Today we will tell you about the purest type, and that is distillation.

What is it exactly?

We have all heard of a process called distillation, especially when it comes to alcohol. But cannabis distillation is a new thing whose popularity is constantly growing. In this process, the already obtained extract is further purified from all other ingredients until the exact desired cannabinoid is obtained. It is so refined that it is usually completely odorless and tasteless and therefore suitable for many purposes. Distillation is primarily performed on THC oil and CBD oil. And the goal is to get only what you want. For example, to completely eliminate the concentration of THC from CBD products. The distillate is very strong because of its concentration and because it is tasteless. This is great primarily for edibles because the natural taste of the plant will not affect the taste of the product. Due to such a processing process, the entourage effect may be absent, but the subsequent addition of certain ingredients can restore it.

How is it distilled?

As we have already said, distillation is a process that people have been using for alcohol for hundreds of years. A special method of heating until you reach a certain boiling point affects the chemical composition and separates what we want to keep from what we extract. Short path distillation is the most popular method. It is a method that is used primarily for the extraction of all vegetable oils, for various applications such as cooking. And even in perfumes you can find products that are so processed. It is a short process, as its name suggests. The product passes from one flask to another with the determination of temperature and the presence of some other substances, such as alcohol. The flasks are heated and the process is repeated until you get what you need. In the end, you are left with a product of high concentration.

Can you do it yourself?

Although our recommendation is that such work be left to professionals who will perform distillation in special conditions, it is still possible to do it yourself. If you decide to do this yourself, you must buy special equipment, because do not use any equipment, such as kitchen equipment. And watch at least a couple of tutorials that you can find on YouTube, to get an impression of how to do it. Let us immediately emphasize that all this will take you a lot of time, and it is not cheap at all. But if you plan to use it often, then it absolutely pays off, because in the long run it will pay off financially, and you will get an exceptional quality product. Check to see if there is a course about it somewhere near you, so if there is, you absolutely should attend it.

Can it make you high?

It primarily depends on the type of product. If it is a THC product, then the answer is absolutely yes. The intoxication effect is huge, because the concentration is very high. Because the goal of distillation is to get exactly the part of cannabis that you want, so if it is THC, then you probably intend to be high. If it is CBD, then you will not be high because CBD has no intoxicating effect. Actually, there is, but the intoxicating effect is completely different from what you think. CBD relaxes you and has a positive effect on anxiety and depression, which means that it must have an intoxicating effect, but it does not produce a high feeling, like THC. As you can see at the following site, CBD Distillate has almost 98 percent CBD, which makes it extremely high quality Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

Make sure to check the actual THC content to make sure that you only get the non-psychoactive benefits. This will also assure that you can still function perfectly in social situations or when romancing your crush. You will be smooth and relaxed, without having to overthink the situation or feeling paranoid. If you can’t be bothered with the effort, there is an easier way to find your partner for the night. Check out the Ivana Models Escort Service and pick your favorite lady to sweeten your vacation or work trip with no hassles, just plain fun!

What are they most often used for?

The use is varied. It is very often used for edibles, because it is suitable because it has no taste, so it is easy to achieve the desired taste with the effects of CBD or THC. It is very suitable for vaping, because one drop is enough to put it in the tank and you will get a very strong effect. It can be used in bong or joint. One drop is added to the flowers. Many people also use it by placing it directly under the tongue, so it is found in the blood very quickly, and we quickly feel the effects. It’s even faster than vaping or orally. You just have to be very careful with the amount. Since it is extremely highly concentrated, one to two drops are almost always sufficient. And that is when we talk about THC. It is similar with CBD, from which there is no risk of being too high, but an overdose can cause side effects. So don’t forget how powerful the distillate is.


Distillates are very suitable for cosmetic products. As nowadays cosmetic products based on natural ingredients, such as various oils, are becoming more and more popular, oil is often obtained by distilling cannabis meat with the oil of another plant. In this way, an extremely healthy product is obtained, suitable for sensitive skin, because it does not contain a lot of chemicals. People are lately growing cannabis by themselves in their home, and are trying different type of seeds. They are using ones which are faster to grown. One of those is obama runts seeds, which are very popular.


Purity of distillate is the highest available to us, whether it is THC or CBD. Try to use all the benefits of distillate, but also to be careful and not to overdo it. Also, the price is high, which is logical, in terms of purity and quality, so for that reason it is not good to use too much. Follow the instructions, whichever way you consume it.


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