The Best Varieties of Medical Cannabidiol

Marijuana has always been considered as a light drug, but ever since its medical properties have been discovered numerous people around the world started using it. The reasons for its use are different, but there is no way to deny the fact that it is highly effective and beneficial. Personal experiences show just how life-changing the effects can be.

People who are struggling with various health issues and who cannot deal with the pain, nausea, depression, or anxiety in any other way, find that using medical cannabidiol can be quite useful. However, it is not easy to navigate through the vast choice of products with CBD that exist on the market. Keep reading to find out more.

What is medical cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol is a term that most of us know as CBD. It is the crucial component of medical marijuana – a plant with numerous beneficial properties used for treating various health conditions. The plant contains numerous chemicals known as cannabinoids, but ordinary marijuana contains THC, which is the chemical responsible for making people high. When used for medical purposes, people use products that contain a very low dosage of THC, which results in feeling all the positive effects but leaving out the negative.

Thanks to all the positive changes and the adjustments made by the governments, using CBD products is legal and the market keeps expanding. Considering the numerous uses that it has, the patients just keep increasing the number of conditions they treat with it. Some strains are better than others and which one you will choose depends on the many factors. Here are some strains that are appreciated the most among the users.


This is a strain that has received awards because it is rich with CBD. It was made by combining Indica and Sativa genetics. The important thing is to say that the combination of the plants cannot exactly ensure the precise amount of CBD and THC, but most plants have a 1:1 ratio. This was the first seed that was made with this ratio and the reason that it was so potent, the market literally exploded after that.

There were stories about the users who popularized it by explaining their own story. There was a girl who managed to decrease the number of her seizures that were going up to 300 a week, to a few times a week, which is astonishing progress, by all means. The fact that it can be grown easily makes it even better. If you are interested to find out more about the seeds of medical marijuana, check out Seedsman.

CBD Therapy

If you wish to get the most out of the CBD properties but have a clear head while consuming it, then you should definitely consider this strain. It is unique because the ratio is very unique. It is 1:20, which is completely new in the world of CBD. It contains 10% of CBD AND 0.5% OF THC. It can be used for various products such as oils and tinctures. It is usually the choice of people who use it throughout the day but want to stay fully functional and clear-minded.

It is important to say that the ratio cannot always be the same, but most of the seeds have an extremely low content of THC. It can be used for treating conditions like Fibromyalgia, Epilepsy, depression, anxiety, inflammation, Crohn’s disease, MS, and many others. There are even various flavors such as blackberry, cloves, dill, citrus, lemongrass, maple, and mint. This gives the users the chance to choose exactly what they want and feel all the benefits while consuming it.

Candida (CD-1)

This strain with an interesting name is made by crossbreeding of two other strains. The result is a strain with CBD level that can vary between 10 and 20%. The level of THC is between 0.3 and 0.8, but it is important to say that it cannot be clearly determined unless tested. However, people like it because there is no psychoactive effect. When using it, you are likely to notice the feeling of relaxation, while being fully capable of functioning throughout the day. Patients use it for treating conditions such as eating disorders, insomnia, and PTSD.

Juanita La Lagrimosa

This is a very interesting plant made by crossing the Diesel and a Queen Mother. Only the names are sufficient to tickle our imagination, but also their characteristics. It contains around 9% CBD and a little less than 7% THC, which is why it is one of the best medical strains. Since you can get the flowers and the moderate yield in about two months, it is definitely worth considering when thinking about growing one.


This is a strain made of Indica and Sativa genetics, but the ratio is not fifty-fifty, but 40-60. The CBD that this strain contains can help with sleeping disorders, anxiety, pain, and tension. Keep in mind that this strain may get you high, so think about it before you use it during the day. It is interesting to say that it tastes like lemon, which is certainly very pleasant.

These were the best medical strains that you can grow in your home and simply help your body cope with various health issues. If you are a complete beginner with this, you should do your research and do your best to learn as much as you can about each strain. Some are more potent than others, so you should be really careful when using them. If there is a higher dose of THC, you should definitely try to avoid using it during the day if you have many obligations. Medical marijuana is known for its low THC dosage, but the level can never be completely controlled. Choose the strains depending on your condition and the symptoms you want to treat, so you can feel the full effects of this magical plant. The proper usage will surely help you cope with your condition and enhance your overall well-being.


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