Why is Cannabis Clothing Becoming so Popular in 2024

Worldwide, marijuana attitudes are changing slowly but surely. Appeals for the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes are becoming louder, but the need for legalizing cannabis for recreational purposes is also being talked about more and more openly. Even in countries where marijuana use is not legalized, there is an increasing trend of decriminalization, and where it is still legally banned, use is often tolerated by the authorities.

Marijuana legalization is great news not only for millions of users but also a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs and large companies. This is a particularly good opportunity to invest in countries with large markets such as Canada, which legalized marijuana use last October, and the United States. In as many as 33 federal states, the use of cannabis for medical purposes is permitted, and in more than 25 federal states it is legalized or at least decriminalized for recreational use. California legalized the use of cannabis for recreational purposes last year, after which this state became the largest legal marijuana market in the world.

A large number of companies have decided to venture into the production of cannabis, and several of them currently have their shares on the stock markets. Still, cannabis companies face many obstacles, and with legalization worldwide, this could be a huge economic opportunity for millions of people.

As decriminalization is underway, cannabis clothing is becoming more and more popular. People are not afraid to carry something with such motives because prejudices have diminished. We will present some of the reasons why it is becoming more and more popular, especially among particular groups of people ..



When we talk about cannabis clothing, we have to start with them. No one has a greater association with cannabis leaf than Rastafari. Let us explain why this is so.
Rastafarianism is a monotheistic religious movement that was created in the early 20th century in Jamaica by African-Americans. The movement was created in reaction to Babylon, long-time slavery and oppression by whites. The growth advocates peace, equality and freedom, considering Africa, especially Ethiopia, as the origin of humanity. The goal is to return to Ethiopia.

The movement is named after the last emperor of Ethiopia, Ras TTafari Makonnen (ras – car), better known as Haile Selassie. The date on which he was crowned November 2, 1930 is taken as the origin of the movement.

Ethiopian flag colors have been accepted as colors that define their identity. Red represents the blood of oppressed black people, the yellow stolen gold, the green fertile land of Africa.

Marijuana or ganja is revered as a Holy plant, which according to tradition is found on the tomb of King Solomon.

The real growers eat only certain foods, which are based on plants that have not been treated with chemicals. Since they have no sacred objects, but they are the bearers of faith and spirit, the care of the human body as a temple is very important to them. The growth diet does not suffer, preservatives, meat, dairy products, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee or drugs. Again, marijuana is a Holy plant.
Dreadlocks represent roots, ie. connection with land, ancestors and nature. The longer the dreadlocks, the greater the wisdom.

Reggae music was created in Jamaica in 1960 under the influence of Jamaican and African drums. Rastafarianism is embraced by the famous Bob Marley who is credited with spreading the movement and reggae of music beyond Jamaica. Now you understand why Rastafari, someone who carries the cannabis leaf sign everywhere. If you also want a wardrobe with such motifs, click here

Weed merchandise

As companies that have something to do with the production or sale of cannabis are often hit with unfounded criticism, this is a great way to spread popularity. Merchandise is a proven positive marketing tool. Most major companies, such as Facebook and Instagram, do not allow promotion. So this remains one of the few options available. Printing T-shirts with weed sign, pendants, lighters. The options are endless.


Weed-themed jewelry has become very popular. And all kinds of jewelry. Even the rings. Many stars began to wear it, which contributed to its popularity. And the prices are getting higher. They appear everywhere wearing them. Even in the White House. This shows the trend of change and the cessation of cannabis demonization. Even the greatest creators and the entire fashion world are increasingly using such motives.

The future of this type of fashion

The boom is yet to be expected. Sales of clothing like this are growing steadily, but are still nowhere near their full potential. As it becomes more legalized, so will more and more cloathing brands move into production. So just expect a weed leaf sing in every show window.

The clothes are not the only ones. We will also mention some other cannabis-inspired products.


More and more cannabis containing drinks are emerging. Most do not contain THC. Cocktails, beers and all alcoholic beverages are available.


Totally innovative idea. Manufacture of THC-containing soaps. It will transform the shower into a whole new experience. Originally started with CBD cosmetics, but the use is now expanding in various ways.


Footwear made from cannabis leaves. Even the most famous companies like Nike got involved. This is further evidence of the ongoing popularity and decriminalization.


Increasingly, you will often find in homes cosmetics made from the main substance of our text. Many positive health effects have been proven in numerous studies. And people who were once opposed to legalization started buying products like this when they discovered the benefits. As they have been produced for a long time, you can find a wide range of cosmetics on the market.

Healthy life

Neither did this field of life circumvent influence. Hamp is first thought to be very healthy to eat and is used to make many supplements. Secondly, more and more athletes are advocating use for relaxation after games and for pain. The famous basketball player Kevin Durant is among the loudest. Professional leagues like the NFL and NBA in new collective agreements are also expected to exclude the use of weed as a drug related offense.


After reading all this, it’s time to put on a T-shirt with a cannabis motif and some interesting lettering.


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