Top 4 Capsule CRM Alternatives your Small Business can use

Capsule prioritises sales opportunities and customer engagement with CRM software that is designed to allow for easy management within a single platform and is ready to integrate with third-party apps to suit current market structures. Capsule’s CRM framework is tailored to companies who connect with their customers via various channels and want to increase productivity and minimise time-consuming tasks, thanks to a fully customizable user interface.

Capsule is a cloud-based framework with iOS and Android apps that provide mobile features. Capsule is free to use for up to two accounts, with a premium option available on a per-user, per-month basis.

Capsule CRM has both free and paid plans. The free edition does not allow for integration with other applications, but both levels provide limitless opportunities (deals) and cases (leads). The professional tier gives each user 2GB of storage and 50,000 contacts, while the free package gives each user just 10MB of storage and 250 contacts. Users can try the Professional plan for free for 30 days, but it does include a credit card, so be sure to check the expiration date to avoid being charged. Here we have listed some alternative to Capsule CRM which you can use for your small business instead of capsule. Click here for more alternatives.


Capsule can be replaced with Engagebay. Engagebay is a marketing and sales CRM software that comes with a number of packages, including marketing, CRM, and sales, as well as a help desk and an all-in-one solution. Engagebay is a platform that assists businesses in funding their sales teams.

EngageBay’s comprehensive feature set in the areas of sales, marketing, and CRM will be appreciated by customers. Other features include sales and marketing automation, lead segmentation, customised reporting, A/B testing, and more. Engagebay is known for being a less costly alternative to Capsule CRM to the industry’s more well-known brands while still offering a comprehensive set of features. All shipments come with a free Help Desk.


  • Automated systems that are both easy and efficient.
  • This is a cost-effective option for small businesses.
  • The learning curve is not too steep.
  • There are a number of useful integrations available.
  • It is absolutely free to use their Service Bay Help Desk.


This isn’t ideal for businesses looking to develop. Support is only accessible during business hours.


Insightly is a CRM and project management solution that includes job and event scheduling, email notification, and social media integration. Insightly helps small businesses manage contacts, organisations, customers, vendors, and suppliers, which is an important task.

As an alternative to Capsule CRM, Insightly’s Marketing system has a lot more marketing-specific automation and functionality. Though its CRM and Sales system do an excellent job of keeping basic sales functions in-house. So, if it weren’t for a single promotional tool, you’d be less likely to feel compelled to bundle items and overpay for a service you don’t need.


Powerful set of features with built-in project management capabilities

Options for a wide range of integrations


Insightly’s shift to a mid-market product may put it out of reach for small businesses.

Leads require additional support.

3. Pipedrive:

Pipedrive is the most common CRM among its users, thanks to its simple-to-use solutions that are specifically designed to help small businesses manage their sales processes and expand. MarTech Breakthrough named the company the “Best Overall CRM Solution in 2024” and Motley Fool named it the “Easiest to Use” CRM. Since 2018, Pipedrive has been a part of Forbes’ highly competitive Forbes Cloud 100 list, which is the authoritative ranking of the world’s top hundred private cloud companies. Pipedrive was recognised as one of the best real estate CRM apps in the industry in 2024.


For those looking for a tool to help them control their sales process, here are some suggestions: Its simple nature makes it simple for newcomers to access and take advantage of the features available without being overwhelmed.


I’m afraid Pipedrive isn’t for you if you’re looking for a free CRM. Pipedrive also lacks marketing functionality like email marketing if you’re looking for an all-in-one sales and marketing solution. Pipedrive delivers on the goal of assisting consumers in visualizing their sales processes and completing further tasks. It’s easy to use while also providing a lot of features. In my opinion, and after extensive testing, Pipedrive CRM is an excellent CRM software for small to medium-sized businesses. It has all the features you need to manage your contacts, leads and deals with ease, and it’ll help save you time with its templates, group emails and workflow automation.

4. Freshworks:

Freshworks CRM, which is based on the next-generation customer engagement platform, aids in the breaking down of internal silos and the delivery of customized interactions through marketing and sales. With the right consumer insights at the right time across each touchpoint, the AI-powered CRM allows sales and marketing professionals to better understand consumers. Salesforce automation, marketing automation, speak, and telephony are all included in the CRM.

Overview of Freshworks CRM Pricing

  • Freshworks CRM is priced per feature, per month, and starts at $29.00.
  • A free version is available.
  • A free trial of Freshworks CRM is available.


HubSpot doesn’t have the option to allocate leads to relevant salespeople automatically. With Freshworks CRM, you can easily build a territory and set the system to automatically assign leads in a round-robin fashion, allowing your salespeople to communicate with leads as soon as they reach your system. You will also boost the overall sales efficiency by identifying high-performing regions and top-performing salespeople.


“There is no way to “downgrade” a contact back to a lead if you make a mistake when converting a lead to a contact. If there is a duplicate lead/contact, you must convert it before merging.” It also has API access for those who want to create custom integrations, as well as mobile support features such as offline capability. As a result, it’s a worthy alternative to Capsule CRM .


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