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Eddi Murphye Net Worth 2024 – How Much is the Legendary Actor Worth?

Eddie Murphy is an immensely popular American actor, comedian, singer, writer, and producer. He has starred in countless movies and performed hundreds of standup comedy performances. He was ranked 10th on the list of 100 Greatest Stand-ups of All-time, by Comedy Central. Thanks to his decades-long career, he has accumulated a lot of wealth. In this article, we will what is his net worth and how much he earns.


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Edward Regan Murphy was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA, on April 3, 1961, to parents Charles Edward Murphy, and Lilian Murphy. His father was a transit police officer and an amateur comedian and actor, while his mother worked as a telephone operator.

Following his father’s passing, his mother became sick, so together with his older brother Charlie, he lived in a foster care home for a whole year. At 15 years old, Eddie began writing and performing his own routines and jokes. His biggest role models at the time were Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor.

Professional Career

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Eddie Murphy started his comedic career in 1981, on the popular late-night comedy show by NBC, “Saturday Night Fever”. There, here started to perform regularly following a night when they had to fill out the remaining minutes with something. These few minutes of airtime gave him the window to prove himself. This stand-up performance was a delight, and an instant hit. Following this, he became one of the main comedians of the entire show.

While working on it, he came up with many iconic and memorable comedy characters, including Mister Robinson, an urban version of Mister Rogers, as well as an illiterate convict, Tyrone Green. His bits were the favorite parts of the show for many viewers.

His debut in the film industry came in 1982, with the movie “48 Hours”. Then in 1984, his true breakout moment came, when he starred in the movie “Beverly Hills Cop”. This blockbuster game him worldwide fame, and he was a true superstar. He was even nominated for a Golden Globe. “Coming to America” was his next famous piece, a romantic comedy he did with Arsenio Hall, another huge success.

In the following years, he remained prominent and busy, both on TV and on film. In 1996, “The Nutty Professor” came out, an amazing box office hit. In 1998, he gave his voice to Mush the dragon in Disney’s “Mulan”, and some years later, he gave his voice to the iconic character of Donkey in all of the “Shrek” movies. His other popular movies include “Dr. Dolittle” (1998), “Dr. Dolittle 2” (2001), “Dreamgirls” (2006), and “Norbit” (2007). In total, he has appeared in 40 feature films and 14 TV shows.

Awards and Nominations

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Eddie Murphy has so far been nominated for one Academy Award, one British Academy Film Award, six Golden Globe Awards, four Primetime Emmy Awards, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards. He managed to take home 1 Golden Globe, for the Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Dreamgirls” , and 1 Screen Actors Guild Award, for the Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role, for the same role.

Eddie Murphy Net Worth

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As of the year 2019, the estimated net worth of comedy actor Eddie Murphy is more than $120 million. He earned this immense amount of money thanks to his prolific career in comedy and film. His net worth in 2024 is set to increase by a lot, because of his recent projects including “Dolemite is My Name” (2019), and “Coming 2 America” (2020). Both of them are sure to be blockbusters and earn him even more.


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