9 Effective Methods to Generate Leads On Instagram

We are currently living in a world where competition among brands is continuously evolving, and no one can stay on top long. However, thanks to the introduction of social media, many businesses, especially the small ones, can still compete with their bigger competition despite the budget differences.

The primary key to generating leads is by choosing wisely what marketing approach and strategies do fit your brand and how it attracts potential customers through Instagram.

Why your business needs Instagram to generate leads?

It must be obvious to you by now that not only your current customers but as well as potential buyers have an Instagram business account. In fact, according to Statista, almost 70% of the population in the United States is using social media, and it is expected that it will reach more than 3 billion social media subscribers by the year 2024. With this enormous number of people, it presents an excellent opportunity, especially for small businesses with a limited budget to reach a lot of people without spending too much.

Moreover, many consumers nowadays are easily convinced by whatever marketing they see on social media. According to MarketingSherpa, 95% of adults aged between 18 to 34 years old will more likely follow a brand being marketed via social networking, especially if it is engaging and entertaining.

One of the primary reasons why it is easier to generate leads on social media is that it enables digital marketing agencies and social media managers to develop brand personality and create a brand voice. It allows them to create authentic connections to social media users on a personal level, which most consumers are more responsive to.

9 Effective Methods to Generate Leads On Instagram

Share valuable content in exchange for Email addresses

This is probably one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to Instagram marketing. Sharing valuable content is a powerful tool to establish genuine relationships with your potential customers. It allows you to have a direct engagement with people, accept feedback, and push new leads to your brand’s website.

However, this can only be done through strong content creation. Typically, strong contents are in the form of blog posts that educates your readers and influence their purchasing decision. While it should be sound interesting, it also must focus on teaching your readers about the benefits of your brand. But before they get that valuable content, they must first provide their email address or signup on your landing page. With this, you’ll be able to create an email list of people who shows interest in your brand.

Run a Contest

Running an event such as an Instagram contest can attract a large number of people. However, it still depends on what prizes you are going to offer to your target audiences. It should be valuable enough to catch the interest of social media users for them to join your contest. Moreover, don’t forget to integrate your brand into the contest. Besides, you are doing this event to create brand awareness and generate leads.

Invest With Instagram ads

One of the great things about social media ads such as Instagram ads is that they won’t cost you too much, therefore, making it perfect for businesses with a limited marketing budget. Using paid ads, you can specifically select and target your desired audience based on the demographics and the geolocation you are going to provide.

Pixel, for example, collects data that could help you to optimize your ads. It helps you to ensure that your ads are targeting the right people for your brand and even targets people who are most likely to hit the ‘shop now’ button. Through IG ads, you are going to have a better lead generation and conversion rates.

Produce Exceptional Visual Content

If you are looking for a better social media engagement, Instagram is the best platform you can count on. It is a magical place of images and videos for most social media users. Then again, it is essential that you have an Instagram video editor at your disposal to produce exceptional visual posts, either an image or a short video, to attract many Instagram viewers.

Moreover, don’t forget to use the most current and trending hashtags to reach more people, especially those who show interest in your brand’s niche. To help you with such, you can use Hashtag generators since they have the perfect features in providing you with the best hashtags for your brand.

Add Your Links in Your Profile

To increase your following and engagement, not only on Instagram but on every of your social media accounts, you must not forget to include your links in your profile. People who have known your brand for the first time might be hesitant at first and probably would check your profile to know you better. This is a great opportunity for you to not only educate them about your brand but to also allow them to click your website directly from your profile to learn more about your brand, services or products.

Cross-Promote Your Instagram Account

Many people use more than one social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok or Twitter. Use other platforms to promote your Instagram account or post. You can mention your account in your caption, use direct CTA or Call-To-Action or share your most interesting Instagram photos and videos. This is an excellent way to boost exposure, reach new people and generate more leads.

Run a Flash deal

Another great way of increasing brand awareness and generating leads through Instagram is by having flash deals. Flash deals need a call-to-action and time constraint to work perfectly. It is because by using a call-to-action and time constraint, it creates a sense of urgency that obliges people to respond quickly.

Start a Live Video

Posting a video or going live is an excellent way of interacting with your audience directly. Instagram TV or IGTV, for example, is perfect for introducing a new brand to create brand awareness. At the same time, live streaming can help you to persuade your viewers and direct them to your blog content, landing pages, and offerings.

Use Polls and Surveys

This marketing technique is beneficial, especially if you want to create a custom marketing strategy based on what people are saying about your brand. After all, your customers can provide you with a wealth of useful knowledge since you allow them to express their opinions. Based on their inputs, you can easily create content that addresses their concerns and build trust.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips have given you some valuable insights as to how you can be able to leverage Instagram to grow your business and boost your sales. Whichever you choose, it should be in line with your marketing goals and your target audience.


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