How to Lose Weight Without a Workout Routine?

Typically, losing weight entails creating and following a healthy diet and workout plan and most times these two are inseparable and crucial for achieving a significant and desired weight loss. But what happens when a person cannot exercise due to health concerns or simply does not like to do it? Is it really necessary to have a workout routine to be able to shed a certain amount of pounds? Well, the answer would be – no, although it does make the process faster, not to mention that it keeps your body healthy by increasing your heart rate and building muscle.

Luckily, there are many alternatives and tricks one can use if they are looking for a way to slim down without having to exercise. As long as you are determined to achieve your goal and are ready to stick to a strict regime, here are some proven ways you can get your body in shape without having to go through an exhausting workout routine.

1. Decrease the Size of Your Portions

Eating 5 smaller meals a day instead of three bigger ones is much more effective when it comes to being fit, so make sure to limit your portion size with each meal. Moreover, try placing your food in smaller plates since this will trick your mind into thinking that your meal is larger than it actually is.

As you eat, chew slowly and thoroughly and take time to savor all of the different tastes. Try cutting down on eating out or ordering takeout and instead cook as often as you can. Cooking can also help you relax and reduce stress, not to mention you will improve your skills if you are not already quite good in the kitchen.

2. Avoid Eating Unhealthy Snacks

There is no denying that we all love to snack, especially if we are relaxing at home. However, unhealthy snacks such as potato chips, chocolate, candy, and the likes will definitely not help you get fit. This does not mean that you should throw everything away but simply place them somewhere they are not visible.

If you have a sudden craving for something salty or sweet, try eating fresh vegetables or making a fruit salad instead. This is a much healthier alternative that will greatly help you advance towards your goal.

3. Try Out Weight Loss Vests

There are several different types for both men and women and which one you should opt for depends on your preference, as well as what you are most comfortable with. Weight vests can help you burn more calories by adding extra mass for you to carry around. If you want to slim down faster, this is a good option since the more calories you burn, the faster you will lose weight.

Sweat vests lock in body heat, making you perspire more and burn fat much faster too. Additionally, they improve your posture and strengthen your muscles while slimming down your figure as you are wearing one. To know more about the range of benefits of different types of vest click here.

Another innovative and amazing type is the fat freezing vest that helps you quickly lose fat, especially in your chest area. This is perfect for men who want to sculpt their chests and shape their pecs. You can see here how this vest works, as well as other benefits it has to offer.

4. Intake Enough Protein & Foods Rich in Fiber

Both types can make you feel sated for longer, meaning you will not constantly have cravings or get hungry as often. Eating more foods high in protein and fiber will slow down your digestive system and reduce your appetite, meaning your calorie intake will decrease as well.

Another significant thing to know is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so try not to skip it unless it is absolutely unavoidable. Since foods such as Greek yogurt are high in protein and oat cereals are high in fiber, you can eat them as breakfast foods while slowing down your digestion in the process.

5. Stay Hydrated

Not only is drinking water good for your overall health but it can help you shed pounds too. Drinking it regularly will reduce your hunger and cravings, especially if you drink a glass about 30 minutes before eating.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should stay away from sugary beverages such as sodas and processed juices, as well as alcohol.

6. Get Quality Sleep & Avoid Stress

Not getting enough sleep and being under constant stress can lead to overeating which is something you definitely want to avoid. Food creates feelings of happiness and satisfaction, so if you are sleep deprived or stressed, the chances are high you will eat more.

So, make sure you get enough sleep each night, at least 6 hours if not more. Try creating a sleeping schedule by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. Although it might be difficult in the beginning it will surely get easier over time.

If you often have to deal with a lot of stress, make sure you take breaks as much as you can and set aside some time to just relax and do things you love and enjoy.

7. Weigh Yourself & Keep a Journal

It might be extremely difficult to get on a scale since you cannot hide your weight from it, but it will motivate you to try harder. Every time you get on it and see the progress you have made you will feel happy and accomplished and this might give you the energy to keep going.

At the same time, try keeping a journal and honestly documenting not only how heavy you are each time you get on a scale but also what you have eaten every day. Be honest with yourself and do not hide anything. This can help boost your focus and determination, not to mention that once you reach your desired weight, you can look through the journal and see just how much you have accomplished.


Following the tips mentioned above will help you slim down but only if you stick to them and do not give up even when it gets hard which might happen, especially in the beginning. However, the more persistent you are, the better results you will see, so try your best to succeed and achieve your goal.

In the end, this will not only make you feel great in your own body but will also boost your confidence and improve your overall quality of life.


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