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Quincy Jones Net Worth 2024 – A Versatile Musician

Quincy Jones is a legendary American musician. He also worked as a composer, record producer, and a movie producer. He won more than 25 Grammy Awards and one Grammy Legend Award in 1992. He started working as a professional musician back to 1952, so his career is one of the longest ones in the industry. He worked with some of the most popular names in the industry, the most notable ones being Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson. He even produced several albums for the popular “King of Pop”. The thing that changes his life is the decision to put his studies on hold and go on a tour with Lionel Hampton. This resulted in a career that earned him a huge wealth that he can enjoy today. If you are interested in learning more about Quincy Jones, stay with us until the end of our article.

Private Life

Quincy Jones was born as Quincy Delight Jones Jr. He was born on the 14th of March 1933 in the South Side of Chicago. His father, Quincy Delight Jones was a carpenter. His mother was a bank officer. Her name was Sarah Frances. Strangely, he has some Welsh origins due to his paternal grandfather. Furthermore, he had his DNA tested and it showed that he has French, Italian, and English ancestry as well. He had one sibling, a brother, Lloyd who was an engineer for the Seattle TV stations. Sadly, his brother died back in the late 1990s. Furthermore, he had some half-siblings through his father Theresa, Katherine, and Waymond who remarried after he divorced his mother. He was married three times and he has seven children with five different women. His first marriage was with Jeri Caldwell lasted from 1957 to 1966. His second marriage was with a Swedish model and musician Ulla Andersson that lasted from 1967 to 1974. His third and last marriage was with Peggy Lipton, an actress most famous for her role in “Twin Peaks”. They divorced in 1990.


When Quincy was only 19 years old, he went on a tour with a jazz band that was helmed by Lionel Hampton. This tour was in Europe. During the 1950s he toured with a high number of jazz bands to Europe. Later, he got more interested in the music industry. Irving Green, who was the head of Mercury at the time helped Quincy with a personal loan. Later, Quincy becomes a musical director of the New York division of the company. He frequently collaborated with a Doug Moody, who later founded Mystic Records. Quincy Jones became a film produced. His movie “The Color Purple” was a really popular movie at the time. It received eleven Oscar nominations. He was credited for introducing Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg to the movie industry. Therefore, he was responsible for their future success. He served as a leader of bands that created more than 30 albums throughout his rich and long-lasting career. The songs he produced can’t be counted sadly. We can imagine how high is this number.

Quincy Jones Net Worth

As of 2019, Quincy Jones’ net worth is estimated at $400 million. The biggest chunk of his wealth comes from his music career. However, he earned as a movie producer, record producer, and composer. He has one of the richest careers in the world. It spans from 1952 to today. Even though he has 86 years, he is still pretty active. Hopefully, we are going to be able to enjoy this exceptional man in many years to come.


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