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Asahd Khaled Net Worth 2024 – Son of DJ Khaled

Asahd Khaled is the first son of the very popular singer, music producer, artist and even Snapchat celebrity DJ Khaled. He was born on October 23, 2016, in California, United States of America. In this article we’re going to talk about his life so far, his achievements and finally, we’re going to talk about his net worth, so if you want to learn more things about Asahd Khaled, keep reading!


Asahd’s life so far has been one hell of a roller coaster ride. DJ Khaled’s son rise to stardom has been very fast and you could evens say he is becoming more famous than his own father. DJ Khaled decided to name him Asahd because in Arabic that means “lion” and that’s how he wants his son to life his life. He has made it certain that his son is going live as a celebrity from a very early age. When he was only 3 months old, he was taken together with his parents to the red carpet showing of Music’s Biggest Night. While wearing a tailored David August tuxedo, which goes for around $3,000. He’s also had his picture taken with of toady’s most famous artists like, Big Sean, Nas, Diddy, Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.

You could say that Asahd’s online and general stardom began at birth, because his father decided to stream the birth of his son on snapchat, while songs from his then newest album “Major Key” were playing in the background, it’s a good publicity stunt if nothing else. Even after that he organized a photo shoot, to celebrate the birth of his son and show him off to the world.


Even though Asahd is still only 3 years old, when he turned 4 months his fun kid life was at an end, because he was appointed as the executive producer of DJ Khaled’s tenth studio album. DJ Khaled also said that his son would listen to all the songs being made in the studio and whenever his son would smile and laugh during a song he knew it would be a hit song. He also sold Jimmy Kimmel: “He actually threw up on me while I was mixing and working on ‘Shining,’ and when he threw up on me, that’s a blessing,”.


Since Asahd is still so young, he doesn’t really have that many accomplishments in his life. But when you consider other kids his age, what they are doing and how they are living their lives, Asahd has actually been extremely successful, but it is really all thanks to his parents. Asahd has both an Instagram and Twitter account which are ran by his parents. He has 50 thousand followers on Twitter and 2 million followers on Instagram.

The Net Worth of Asahd Khaled


If you really think about it, Asahd Khaled being only 3 years old doesn’t really have any means of earning money, but his parents have given so many expensive gifts, like a $100,000 rose-gold watch, that has to count for something. He also has a huge amount of Gucci suits, and a huge collection of Jordans and other sneakers. Considering all that his net worth is thought to be around $0.2 million. As for his net worth in 2024, it is only going to keep rising and exponentially at that, his net worth is expected to rise up to $1 million in 2024.


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