4 Things You Can Do to Avoid an Eviction

Facing eviction probably feels like the end of the world. It’s happening, you have no idea what to do next, and it seems like there’s no way you can pull yourself out of this situation. We’re not gonna lie to you, it is a problem that can complicate your further renting opportunities. And it does kind of ruin your reputation in the landlord’s eyes. Handling such an issue surely feels like a big problem.

But what if we tell you that’s not entirely true? That there are a couple of things you can do to pull yourself out of this problem?

There are plenty of ways to stop an eviction from happening. Consult what we have written below, to learn about all the things you can do to solve your eviction problem.

1. Plan a delayed payment

Stopping this tricky situation in most cases only requires a part of the money, at least, to be given to the landlord. Keep in mind that it is not only you going through this, it is also the other side – your landlord. At the end of the day, no one wants to handle complicated situations unless they really have to. What most of them settle for, is a third of the monthly rent being paid out. Even if you do not have a solution on how to pay for everything yet, this might just buy you enough time to find one.

There’s one more thing that can buy you time – it’s the deposit you have placed when you first moved in, as security. It is usually paid for one whole month ahead, giving you a head start when it comes to eviction, and planning your delayed payment to stop it from happening.

Delaying payment can also be done by making a promise you will pay as soon as you can. This, however, will depend on whether or not your landlord will find your word accountable. It may sound corny, but it really works in most cases, only because there is a dose of honesty in opening up about your financial issues. Do make sure you make it sound like the solution is just around the corner, it only requires some time.

Here’s another important fact about eviction, worth having in mind – an average landlord just wants someone living in their housing facility who pays rent. Evicting anyone from it costs them money, too. Anything that makes extra expenses is not an option they will go for easily.

2. Solve it using legal ways

If you really cannot talk it over and solve it, there’s always a good old legal aid to turn to. Besides, not all landlords are open for negotiations, some of them will find satisfaction in taking you to court, and here you’ll definitely gonna need legal help.

Although it may not be the time, given the fact you’re obviously struggling financially, it is the only safe way. It’s better to hire an attorney than to handle these things on your own. Especially because there are lawyers specialized in this kind of legal issue, like Scura, that can help you solve the problem without much headache.

If hiring a lawyer is not an option for you, then turning to a service like a stop eviction, might be the help you need. It’s a quite common service offered both online and offline, in major cities that helps you to put your eviction process to a stop, or to delay it. Prices vary, but for a couple of hundreds of dollars, you can delay everything for a month. It’s not a final solution, but again, it surely costs less than your monthly rent.

For those not living in big cities, these services can be purchased online, as we mentioned previously. Plus, they tend to cost less.

3. Bankruptcy

If you sense you’re going to court with this, there is a possibility to file chapter 7 bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can be filed in a couple of ways, but this one will only work if the case hasn’t been finished in the court – before the eviction is rendered officially. It’s something that can be performed in the whole USA, regardless of the state.

If, however, the court has officially rendered the eviction, this method will only work in a couple of states. To do this you will need either a lawyer, an online service, or software, and all have different prices. So, make sure you find out what are the prices and then decide which option will be most suitable for you.

Chapter 13 procedure to stop this issue is something that is rarely done by lawyers, but still an option. How does it work? You’re basically making a payment plan, and after the procedure starts, you are obliged to pay according to it. It will stop your eviction for 30 days. The good thing about it is that it gives you the opportunity to stay in the rental unit and pay regular rent.

4. Use a demand letter as your getaway ticket

One thing is for sure, you will never be evicted without someone giving you a reason for it. What landlords tend to do is send you an eviction notice, or a demand letter saying what it is that you did, or still doing that is causing him to evict you. Since the reason is so nicely written, you can use it to correct whatever it is you’ve been evicted for.

Sometimes it’s not financial reasons at all, but the behavior of a tenant that gets him evicted. Be it loud music, or frequent partying, or pets, these are all things that can be changed, if you are willing to change them, of course.

After stating these four things you can use to avoid eviction, we can conclude that even though sometimes embarrassing, it’s not the end of the world. Each problem that can be solved should not bother you much, just stay solution-oriented.


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