4 Old Taboos That Are Normal In Modern Life

Although it has always been complicated and required a bold and free spirit – the desire to break taboos is still awakened in people. What more, it seems that the slow but progressive path of breaking taboos manages to open a new horizon in the understanding of some ‘forbidden topics’. We will try to explore some of these topics that used to be considered taboos but are accepted today.

I Don’t Wanna Talk About It!

People often avoid discussing controversial topics, for numerous and varied reasons. Often, it seems those topics are much easier for society to ignore them – than to discuss some of them. Most people are scared of condemnation for their opinions, do not want to confront othaers or enter into a discussion. Or they just don’t care to hear what others have to say to them.

However, discussions on some taboo topics are sometimes more than necessary – not only to find solutions to problems but also to advance a culture of dealing with certain social phenomena important to society.

21st Century – Time Of Freedom Or Different Rules?

We may have more freedom today than we did decades ago. However, it seems that the social rules that influence people’s behaviour are still as strong and restrictive – as they used to be! Many things have changed. Today we certainly will not suffer the condemnation of the community in which we live if we wear a thong, put on leggings, jump on a bicycle, ride to a cafe and have a beer with a male friend.

But do we live in a world without limits? We have got rid of many of the things imposed on society in the past, but – it seems that the 21st century has brought some new taboo topics.

How To Know What Is A Taboo? Where Are The Boundaries?

You have been thinking a lot about what topics you cannot discuss with people. Maybe you’ve met someone new. Someone who comes from outside your area, for example, from abroad. A person who is polite, nice, and just getting to know you.

Are there any boundaries that you would not cross? Are there any topics you would like to keep quiet about? We believe so, although it is not always so simple. Of course, common sense keeps telling us that everyone should know what and who to talk to.

What Is Socially Acceptable Today?

It’s not the same when talking to a good friend, father, colleague at work – or a person you just met and want to become close with. Also, do you think men and women have the same taboo topics? No. Their taboos differ significantly.

However, many people have long gone beyond that sense of discomfort and restraint in conversation – and have crossed the boundaries of what used to be considered socially unacceptable conversation. So what are some of the topics we used to be quiet about but we talk about them freely today?

1. Body Modifications


Tattoos and piercings are becoming more popular, but some people go a step further when it comes to body modifications. When you alter your natural appearance in any way, – it is considered a bodily modification. The two most popular types of body modification are tattoos and piercings. Today, tattoos and various piercings have become mainstream, although they were once considered a taboo. However, there are other known modifications today that sometimes look daunting.

Although most people agree that such bodily modifications are unattractive – individuals still claim that this is their style, their trend and that they proudly nurture that kind of look. One such bodily modification is the halved tongue. Believe it or not, this bodily modification is becoming more and more popular. People want their tongue to look like a snake’s tongue – which is why they split it into two parts. This bodily modification seems disgusting to some – while others are impressed by this appearance.

2. Using Sexual Aids

The growing assortment of sex shops in the world shows that the interest in “sex toys” is growing. The sales of these speciality stores include a variety of supplies – sexy underwear, lubricants, S&M equipment, adult movies, and more. However, although we made some huge steps in achieving sexual freedom – some things have long been considered taboo. One of them is fetishism. This term can mean a lot – but, in recent decades, more people are prone to use new – plastic friends.

A large number of people today realize their fantasies with the help of Japanese sex dolls, now you can click here to know more about Japanese sex dolls. This has become mainstream trend. It is probably because these dolls look far less intimidating and artificial than the ones that were used before.

The use of these types of sex aids has been taboo until recently when we were able to see the new wonders of technology – sex dolls that speak and are made of a special kind of heat-retaining silicone to make the feeling as realistic as possible. However, for the time being, we will leave high technology aside because it also requires incredibly high prices.

3. Pregnant Women And Cannabis

Some recent studies in the US have shown that many pregnant women, especially those younger, agree with cannabis use during pregnancy. While federal states legalize marijuana or at least use it for medical purposes – cannabis is being used by more and more expectant mothers.

This is another example of how marijuana use has gone beyond the scientific understanding of its effects on human health. In pregnancy, women suffer from many medical problems for which medical marijuana is prescribed.

But, for many, smoking pot during pregnancy is the same as prenatal abuse of children. On the other hand, pregnant ladies who smoke pot are active members of the cannabis-loving community, and the legal weed industry does not miss the opportunity to make money on these women or having sex while being high on weed. However, today, we also have an almost imperceptible population of cannabis users that is increasingly talked about: pregnant women.

4. Polygamy

There is ethnographic evidence that human nature is adapted to polygamy. Most of our ancestors preferred such a system – and some women enjoyed being “others” to some. In other words, our genetic code is adapted to a system that carries reproductive advantages. This is why some people, although living in modern societies – strive for polygamy and even in the most conservative of environments.

The Senate of the American state of Utah unanimously decided to decriminalize polygamy in adults. Under the law, anyone who has been proven to have more than one wife – has been threatened with up to five years in prison. At least up until recently. Today, this is no longer the same.

We are convinced of this when watching reality programs like “Sister Wives” and the like. Therefore, it seems that human nature and laws have been harmonized in many places.


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