Where is Senator Rick Scott from?

So Rick Scott is known as an American politician and businessman. He is best known for being a US senator from Florida. Its net worth is estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars and has been growing steadily. It eventually rose to more than a half billon. We must mention that he was a member of the Republican Party and his term lasted 8 years. His educational path began at the University of Missouri where he earned a degree as well as at the Dedman School of Law. You can read more about his life and further work in the rest of the text.

How did Rick Scott become a senator?

His term began quite by accident. If you think this is impossible, this article will show you nothing is impossible. He did not intend to run immediately for the United State Senate, but his original idea was to run for governor of Florida. After winning the election, he could not run for re-election again due to the limitation of his mandate. He then ran for the United States Senate. As you can see, it went very well for him after all.

Life and education

He was born in Bloomington, Illinois. His parents divorced during his childhood. He never met his biological father. However, Rick Scott is in a great relationship with his stepfather. His mother met him as a truck driver and soon married him. Then, Rick took his last name and they all lived together in North Kansas City, . There were five children in the lower middle class family. They did not have much financial success and they were constantly fighting for money. His mother worked as a clerk, but she had other jobs besides that. In addition to a difficult life, Rick was determined to educate. After graduating from high school, he attended college, and after graduation, Juris Doctor degree followed.


While in college, Rick Scott also had his first job. However, that was not enough for him, but he also tried to put the failed donut shop in order. He used his free time and earned money to repair this store. He gradually invested in it, later buying another donut shop. He meanwhile graduated from law school and became a lawyer in Dallas, Texas. Over the years, he has also had larger investments than a donut lawyer such as with a financier from Fort Worth. They had a joint project, and that refers to Columbia Hospital Corporation.

The money they invested was borrowed and used to buy as many as two hospitals in El Paso. After some time and various events, he had to resign from the position of president and executive director. His next role was in Naples, Florida where he bought half of CyberGuard Corporation. We must not forget other business ventures such as Solantic, Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacies and others.

Political engagement

His political career began at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando. His goal was to put pressure on the Democrats and thus enable the law on health care on free-market principles. This is followed by the election for governor of Florida. Unfortunately, there were attempts to destroy Rick Scott on the political scene during the campaign. In the end, he still won, and then in the general elections, after which he took office. The money he invested in his campaign really paid off for him, because his support was huge. He had different groups of voters. His will to succeed in his goals was strong.

He did his best to reduce taxes, increase jobs, but less to run state agencies and change policies. Scott supported Trump, but he always made his views clear when it came to political events and the media. When it comes to his campaign, he advocated for a really large number of jobs and his promises were kept. Because of that, Florida was significantly ahead of the others. However, salaries were below average. It also advocates expanding school choices, doubling the cost of a private school, or enabling transfer to other schools without difficulty. This law also referred to parents who could decide for their children, that is, to choose public schools regardless of the boundaries of the environment.

Rick Scott as senator

Although he supported Trump before the candidacy and used this friendship for political purposes, he did not emphasize this during the campaign. However, he certainly got his support and the first results were in his favor. Although he won, the vote was uncertain. The law in Florida stipulates that under certain circumstances, such as these, the recount of votes follows, because it is manual. After that, the result was the same and Rick was officially the winner of the vote. His opponent invested a lot in his campaign, but failed to cope with Rick Scott. We must mention that he did not bring about the resignation of the governor prematurely, but waited for the mandate to end. After that, his career in the Senate began. According to Scott Cooper Miami, he did not have much controversy during his tenure, and one of the rare problems was with his close associate Joshua Cooper. Click here to find out more about it.

Personal life

Rick Scott married his high school girlfriend, her name is Ann Holland. Their family also includes two daughters and six grandchildren. Their life is in Naples, and their marriage has lasted over 30 years. The daughters are named Allison and Jordan and they are both married. Ann was described by the media as devoted wife, mother, sister and friend. She has a degree in business administration. She loves books and believes that they improve the quality of life, because they are the main source of learning and academic achievement. She also advocates for a healthy diet in Florida and is very active in that.


So, Rick Scott comes from an incomplete family that had a big problem with lack of money. His parents had to deal with other difficulties as well as he did, but that did not stop him from developing into a successful person. His humane and accomplished goals testify to that.


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