How to Make Sure Your Children Are Safe with Other Adults?

One of the most difficult things for most parents is letting go of their children as they grow up and trust them to use their good judgment. However, while parents can keep in touch with their children and learn to trust them, the same does not go with other adults. There are many people out there who seek to harm children, and parents are none the wiser until it is too late.

To make sure your kids are safe and learn more about the adults in their lives, use these valuable tips:

Be involved in your children’s lives – kids often resist their parents’ questions, especially as they get older and lack the patience to answer every query. Yes, you might seem and feel pushy at times, but hey, that’s your role as a parent. You must stay involved in your child’s life and the people who are a part of it; to get your kids to be more cooperative, don’t just ask them “how was your day?”. Ask more in-depth and interesting questions, like “did something special happen today?”, “what was your favorite part of the day?”, and so on.

The aim of such a question is not only to find out what happens in your children’s lives bus also to keep the lines of commination open and encourage conversation between parents and kids.

Get information about the people in your child’s life

A new teacher, a new neighbor, a parent or a guardian of your kid – any adult that is in your child’s life should be approved by the parents. If adults enter your children’s lives, it is up to you to make sure they are safe when those adults are with them. To do so, talk with the people who are in your kids life, ask your kids about them, and if necessary – run a check on them.

These days you can run a criminal record check and sex offender search with sites like GoLookUp to find out if there is something that you need to know about the people who are a part of your child’s life. The check can help you make sure your children are safe and in good hands when they are apart from you.

Teach them about trusted adults

You will not always be able to run a thorough check on the adults in your children’s lives, so you need to teach them how to identify adults they can trust: a mother with kids, a teacher, the parent of their friends and so on. Let them know that strange man should be avoided, especially if they are alone or seek help. Kids cannot help adults, so you should let them know of common lies, like a man searching for his puppy, and teach them to get away from such people or scream for help if necessary.

Teach safety through role play

Providing examples of situations your child may encounter is a great way to teach them about safety. Role-playing and asking your child what to do in certain situations will let them know what to do in emergencies or uncomfortable situations. You should also tell them what to do when in danger:

  • Yell if someone is trying to grab them
  • Ignore strangers who ask for their help
  • Stay away from people they do not know
  • Not get in elevators with strangers

Tell your children about the “buddy system”

Not going to unlit places, avoiding places with a few/no people, and always going in groups is safety 101, and your children should know it.

Out ever-changing world presents challenges for parents who often dread about being away from their kids. By practicing safety habits, keeping the communication alive at home, and searching for important information about the adults in your children’s life will help you be calmer when your children are out, and it will also teach them to be safe when their mom and dad are not around.


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