4 Tips For Keeping a Clean Home With Pets

For some people, a clean house could never possibly go hand in hand with having a pet. It’s true— pets are known for not only having accidents where they live and also leaving all sorts of dander and hair behind. It’s only natural to assume that cleaning is a lost cause with furry pals around.

The great news is that if you’re a clean freak but also love your pets, it’s possible to have the best of both worlds. According to SunDry.com.au, it all comes down to knowing the right tips and tricks for keeping your home clean. Take a look at some of the best techniques for having an animal and a clean home.

Get a Robot-Vacuum


Even a pet that doesn’t have long hair still constantly sheds. In addition to hair, they also leave behind dirt  allergens, and sometimes even fleas. Ideally, your home should be vacuumed at least twice a day to be able to keep up with all of the gifts they leave behind.

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have the time to do that much vacuuming, nor do you want to be doing not much vacuuming. The next best solution is getting a vacuum that does it for you.

An automatic vacuum cleaner is the best way to make sure that you keep up with the mess. It can make a huge difference in how much cleaning you have to do. While you’ll still need to do some vacuuming with your regular vacuum, your robot is great for in-between cleanings.

Brush Your Pets


Brushing is one of the most effective ways to get rid of everything that your pet is carrying around. Get into the habit of brushing your pet every single day. Although they might resist at first, it’s something that they’ll get used to over time. Try to start slowly, and reward them with treats each time that they allow you to brush them. Over time, they may even start looking forward to grooming time.

Bathe Your Pet Regularly


Pets aren’t like humans who need to be bathed every day. In fact, bathing your pet too often can lead to skin issues like flaking or even losing their fur. Cats are pretty good at bathing themselves, so you won’t need to worry about them unless they are particularly adventurous.

However, if your pet is a dog, you should bathe them about once a month, depending on how much dirt and dust they accumulate outside. The amount of bathing will also depend on how old your dog is. For example, younger puppies have extremely sensitive skin, and it’s not recommended to bathe them within the first few weeks of life.

When bathing your pet, make sure that you use a soap that’s appropriate for dogs, and make sure that its as positive of an experiences possible. If bath time is too traumatizing, yoru dog will fight you every time they need to take a bath.

Don’t Allow Your Pets On The Bed


Even though it might be tempting to bring your bundle of furry joy into bed with you, you’re inviting all sorts of bacteria, and more importantly—fleas. One of the best ways to keep your house clean, even with pets around, is to keep them off of your bed.

If you must invite your pet up in your bed with you, then make sure you cover the area they lay on with a blanket as a barrier. Even though whatever they track from outside inside may not be visible to your eye, looking closer with a microscope will show you exactly why you don’t want them in the place where you sleep.

Get A Steam Mop

Most pet owners know the stress of having to deal with the mud their animals track in when they go outside after it rains. The best way to battle these brown little footprints is to mop regularly. \

Yet most people can agree that filling up a bucket and mopping your house manually is a lot of work. Doing this every day isn’t enjoyable or even necessarily realistic for your schedule.

This is where a steam mop makes things much easier. If you get the right one, you may not even need to use a cleaning solution. The steam mop’s high temperature kills all of the bacteria that it touches, making it an effective solution for cleaning up muddy pawprints.

Take Your Dog For Walks


Many dog owners claim that their house is a mess because their dogs get into all sorts of things they shouldn’t be getting into. Chewing up furniture or shredding your favorite pair of slippers is no accident, however. Usually, when dogs start destroying your belongings, it’s because they’re trying to tell you something.

Make sure that you’re taking your dog for a walk every single day. The type of breed you have will determine just how much you should walk your dog; however, a general rule of thumb is that thirty minutes a day is ideal. Not only will your pet be much healthier, but they’ll be that much less likely to run amok and destroy your home!

Keep Towels Near The Doors

In case you didn’t notice, pets don’t wear shoes. If it’s a particularly rainy day and your pet goes outside, it’s important that you wipe their feet before you allow them in the house. Although doormats can do the trick, sometimes they’d aren’t as thorough as a good old fashion towel. It helps to keep towels near every entrance of your home so that you can grab them for quick access for muddy paws.

Cover Your Couch

Even though many new pet owners initially say they won’t let their dogs up on their couch or bed, they usually end up caving. It helps to cover your couch so that any marks or stains are easily wiped away. Not only does it help with stains but also the smells that come along with pets. As much as we love them, we don’t necessarily need our house smelling like them.


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