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Lagina Brothers Net Worth 2024 – Oak Islands Stars

The tiny island located in Nova Scotia, Oak Island has served as the host for one of the most expensive and the longest-running treasure hunt ever. The island is a thousand feet wide and one mile long, but it has been one of the most interesting places in recent years. Two brothers Marty and Rick Lagina started their treasure hunt on Oak Island nearly a decade ago. The last five years of their treasure hunt has been filmed and turned into a reality tv show that is broadcasted on the History Channel.

In January, this popular show entered its sixth season and the seventh one is announced. Because of the History channel and its access to the whole world, this show accumulated a huge fan base and it became a massive global hit. You can be sure that this is one of the most popular shows in the world today. Not only the popularity of the show grew. The same can be said for the profiles of the Lagina brothers. Because of their popularity throughout the world, we’ve decided to do research on all of the most important elements of their life and work. Without wasting too much of your valuable time, we are going to start with their story.

Who are Lagina Brothers?

Marty Lagina is the younger brother of Rick. He was born on the 25th of January 1952 in Kingsford, Michigan, US. He is married to Olivia Lagina and has two children Alex and Maddie Lagina. He is an engineer and has his own energy business. Because he is a man of science, he is unsure about the whole myth of Oak Island. He is intrigued by the clues he and his brother found over a decade ago. That gave him the strength to continue his pursuit of proof that something is buried on the island. Back in 1995, Marty sold his company CMS Energy for roughly $60 million.

Rick Lagina is an ex-postal worker from Michigan that has the dream of solving the mystery of Oak Island since he first heard about it back in 1965 when he was just an 11-year-old boy. It can be said that he is a man who sees the world in black and white. He is an honorable man. His will of pursuing his dream of resolving the mystery of Oak Island was strengthened by clues that he, his brother, and their team found when they took over the whole expedition back in 2006. Rick is a very private person so there is not much of his private life that is presented to the public.

How Much Time Have Brothers Spent on Oak Island?

The amount of time they spent on the island is unknown. The whole deal of them acquiring 50% of the share of Oak Island Tours Inc is undisclosed. However, we can guess the right time due to drilling and digging costs each year. They were granted a license to commence their treasure hunt at the end of 2010. At first, their hunt was supposed to last for one summer only, due to digging in winter was impossible. As you know, their treasure hunt now enters their eight summers.

They are known for their sophisticated technology and a wide array of experts from all over the world that they invited to help them in their hunt. None of these don’t come cheap, so it is safe to presume that they spent a significant amount of money on their quest and that these costs are rising constantly. This can be said because they are increasing the level of technology every season. The most expensive piece of technology that was introduced in the show was massive drilling rigs that were worth a few hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Lagina Brothers Net Worth 2024

Before the show started, Marty’s net worth was estimated between $40-$60 million in 2019. The success of the show increased his net worth significantly. Today, it is estimated at $100 million. When it comes to his older brother, Rick Lagina, several sources say that his net worth is estimated at $2 million in 2019. A vast majority of his wealth comes after the show started back in 2014. Their net worth is surely going to increase in the future due to the popularity of the show, especially after 7th season of their show. It looks like 2024 will be a great year for the duo.


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