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Steven Lim Net Worth 2024 – “Worth It Show”

Steven Lim is an Asian-American producer, actor, and TV host, best known for Worth It show on Buzzfeed.

Childhood and Education

Steven Lim was born on November 12, 1990, in Ohio, USA. His parents are from Malaysia and had one more son, Alvin. He often praised the fact that he was born in America, saying:” I’m really glad I grew up in the States, and to be honest I don’t think I would’ve gone into digital media if I hadn’t. Growing up as a Chinese Malaysian American gave me a unique perspective that was the catalyst for me to start making videos.”

However, he sometimes wonders what it would feel like to be able to create content in Asia:” But of course there’s always a part of me that thinks “what if?” And hey… what if I were to move “back home” to southeast Asia and create content? Now that’s something I’d love to do one day… :)”

Steven studied at Ohio State University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering.

Early Career

Steven’s first job was at Procter & Gamble. He was one of the engineers involved with the production of Tide Laundry Pods. He made his YouTube channel in 2008, but it took him a while to post his first video. In 2013, he debuted on YouTube with a video called Secret to being a Baller.

In the same year, Steven went to the premiere of the film Linsanity at the Asian American Film Festival. It was a documentary about Asian-American basketball player Jeremy Lin. Lin was having an amazing career, the best any Asian player had after Yao Ming. Steven was a huge fan and followed Lin fervently.

He later said: “There‘s been no greater role model in my life than Jeremy Lin as an Asian American man, a public figure, and a follower of Christ. When Linsanity broke out, I remember we’d host Knicks watch parties and invite everyone we knew. It was more than witnessing @jlin7 break records or take down Kobe Bryant in prime time… it was a cultural turning point for Asian American masculinity in media (which for as long as I’ve been alive has been made a joke). As I’ve followed Jeremy through the ups and downs, hitting game winners but also sustaining multiple season ending injuries… In everything he’s always looked to give glory to God. And I give thanks to God for that – that his life is an encouragement to myself and other believers to be bold in professing our faith.”

Steven documented his journey and made a video about it.


In 2015, he made a show called Worth It for Buzzfeed. It was an instant success. Steven described his first impression with Buzzfeed: ”I was extremely hesitant to join BuzzFeed at first. I was passionate about making Asian American content and I wasn’t sure if BuzzFeed would give me the freedom to do so. But the overwhelming reason of why I decided to take the job was because of the people there.”

Later, he changed his mind, realizing how good an opportunity it is and started enjoying it:” It was a breath fresh air being around other creative talent, people who inspired me and challenged me to be better. And that’s what I’d encourage anybody in a creative field to do… find people who understand your struggles and can be there in the highs and lows with you.”

Steven Lim Net Worth 2024

The majority of Steven’s income comes from Worth it, with its 300 million views. However, it was never revealed how much money he made from it. We estimated that Steven Lim net worth in 2024 is around $500,000.



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